"I was excited to train in Chile"


It's been a week since Lindsey Vonn (34) finished her last fight. With a bronze at the World Cup Are, the sporting life of the most successful skier in history has ended. Days later he spawned and received the title for the sporting spirit at the Laureus Sport Awards, the so-called Oscar de Deporte. "It's hard to accept that my body does not let me continue to struggle. It was only a week, but I feel curious, unclear," she said with tears when she received it.

The American won 82 races, which gave her the title of the most profitable, but went for more, wanted to grab the record Swedish Ingemar Stenmark, with 86. But his body did not leave him, shocked by injuries, and leaving the desired record.

In the middle of his early retirement, he spoke The third for his career, the end of the competition and his next drawings.

You have come to Chile on more than one occasion. What do you think about the country?

I have always found a picturesque country and every year I felt excited to be in Chile when I was playing. Every time I was going, I was struck by the number of dogs without owners walking on the streets. I wanted to take them all!

From your point of view, who appears as a candidate to break the mythical record of Stenmark and yours?

Oh! I hope that for me and for Engemar the files remain with us for a while.

Are you disappointed with the way your career has ended?

There is no way! I am very proud of my career, of what I did and of how it was over. I do not regret anything.

What has passed his mind in his last race?

I could not choose a better day to finish my career as a skier. I am very grateful to all those who have come to support me. to my family, to my friends, to my friend and to all the fans. Even in Ingemar. It was an epic day.

When you look back at your career, what do you think is your favorite moment?

I had so many! Winning has always been amazing. The victories I enjoyed most were those I came back from injuries. And I will always find incredible all the memories I bring and all the people I met these years.

And the less favorite?

Undoubtedly, my injuries are complicated throughout my career. It crashes me all the time I was going through the recovery, I could happily figure it out in the snow. But they helped me come back ever louder. And I am convinced that things are happening for something.

How did you overcome the wounds and find the motivation every time?

Every time I was motivated to come back from injuries, because in me I knew I was not ready with everything I wanted to achieve. I often have goals and I was working to fulfill them. Obviously I am very grateful to my friends and family who were with me in these bad days.

How does the withdrawal decision arrive?

After all my injuries I learned to make expectations about what I could achieve with my body. This year was different. It was no longer a matter of not wanting more treatment or of being able to train me. It was not a struggle over the body. My body could no longer resist, and I had to listen to it and accept the consequences.

When you started, do you think it will end like that?

Yes, I did not stop believing in me, even if no one else did.

What next will follow for Lindsey Vonn?

I'm at least trying to relax. I want to spend time with my family, my friend and enjoy the retreat. In addition, projects are constantly being created along the way. There are many things I would like to do.


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