Wednesday , January 20 2021

Go to the scene and hit Morrissey (video)

CITY MEXICO. – A bad night passed singer Morrissey during his concert in California, when a man managed to get on stage and hit him in the face. Despite the incident, the British stopped only on the show and continued with the show.

British singer Morrissey, 59, was hit on the face by a fanatic, although he also said he could have been an assistant during his concert last night at the Copley Symphony Hall in San Diego, California.

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The incident occurred when the former Smiths leader played his classical darkness Everyday life is like Sunday Several people tried to get to the stage and a subject managed to avoid safety to throw himself into the musician and hit him in the face.

The video posted on Twitter seems to show more participants to run in the stadium to fight after the event.

After the incident, the attacker was arrested by security administrators and Morrissey left the scene. According to TMZ, the musician, who was very scared, He did not finish the concert.

At the moment, the severity of the impact on Morrissey's face and the fact that the rock star will take legal action against the fan is not known.

With information from Excelsior and Infobae.

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