FIFA has interrupted Peru as the host of the U17 World Cup in 2019


The FPF has confirmed news on their social networks.

They will not do either South America this year either.

The Football Association of Peru confirmed that FIFA suspended this country as its host World 17 of this year.

"Despite the great efforts made to conduct this World Cup, it was not possible to meet all the requirements demanded by FIFA, mainly due to the state guarantee on tax treatment, "the FPF said.

According to the Peruvian entity, FIFA acknowledged the efforts made by the competent bodies of the organization "and encourages them to continue with their infrastructure plan to meet all the requirements of a new FIFA candidacy will look positively for the future. "

In this sense, the FPF regrets FIFA's decision and undertook to continue working to present an appointment "and to fulfill our dream of having a World Cup in our beautiful country at the Bicentennial of Independence, 2021" .

According to the Argentine media reported Yellow double, the World Cup will be held in Brazil and the South American Championship in Paraguay, all awaiting confirmation from FIFA.

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