Falabella falls on the stock market after closing the Buenos Aires store


On the other hand, when opening S & P / CLX IPSA, the SQM stock continues to grow following an encouraging report by Albemarle showing that demand for lithium remains stable.

With a sharp fall, it operates on the Fallasla in BCS, since it was known that the retailer closed a store in the heart of Buenos Aires.

The title of the company is the one with the worst performances in the selective, noting drop 1.28% at $ 5,250. Of course, the market emphasizes that these moves are based on very few transactions, with the purchase and sale of about 300 shares at the moment.

The first few minutes of the national trading day do not see many moves, but it shows that interest that raised 2.4% in SQM-B shares yesterday remains intact, approaching $ 2 billion in operations in less than an hour

While the IPSA remains flat, with a marginal increase of 0.01%, the B-series of non-metal mines rose 0.78% to $ 28,550, redirected to the peak of 2019 in February, to $ 29,000.

It is currently the most marketable paper with a wide margin, with operations for $ 1,810.7 million. Yesterday, thanks to the enthusiasm for lithium-related operations after Albemarle's announcement of the results over market expectations, the deal traded more than $ 21,000 million.

Operators point out that between the date – February volumes in the national round tend to drop for summer holidays – and the time difference with New York, which is not yet starting at the US summit, there is little movement in the national square , so the prices could be confirmed and take a clearer direction within a few hours.


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