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ENAP as Country in War: Inspector Order Summaries for Billionaires Without Bid Bio Bio Reports


The Supervisor's Office ordered summaries to the National Petroleum Company (ENAP), having proven irregularities in the recruitment of millions of private companies and the illegal appointment of a major leader whose holder did not have a professional title.

According to the final report no. 622 – which publishes Radio Bío Bío– ENAP spent more than 348 million cubs on hunter services through direct contracts without conducting a competition for more efficient use of state resources.

The supervisor also found that the state paid price differentials to three companies in the region more than 38 million pesos "for the same service"There is no administrative justification for this.

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It was not all. The audit entity found that ENAP had paid – between 2016 and 2017 – more than 2.537 million cubic meters in the recruitment of "transitional services" to 4 companies, "without the foundation that supports it".

The arbitrariness of recruiting was possible because in 2014 the state-owned company explicitly excluded them from the Corporate Procurement Model, which allowed broadband takeovers.

For citizens, it is almost impossible to know the kind of decisions adopted by ENAP. It happens to be a state-owned company, it has been out of sight of the Transparency Council and it is enough to publish general information on its page.

Coto PS

The Inspector's Office discovered 18 million pesos earnings in Eddardo Logiola Osorio, who served as a consultant for mediating collective bargaining in 2015 by state workers.

Nothing would be absurd, apart from the fact that ENAP does not keep a record or a record showing that Loyola has worked. The latter is a famous representative of interests that connects PS. Who hired him was Pablo Velozo Alcaide – then responsible for human resources – but also the secretary general of the same party.

Sex and irony

From 2011 to 27 July 2018 – when launched, student Claudia Sandoval worked for the oil company.

He served in several posts, some of which, according to internal regulations, required him to hold a professional title. Ironically, the last part who served as the interim director of ENAP's Ethics and Compliance, until the irregularity had been detected by consulting the Inspector's Office. Because of these events, the control entity also ordered a summary.

In 2018 the state, as evidenced by the figures of the Financial Market Commission (CMF) had lost $ 232 million. The comparison with profits over $ 23 million speaks for itself. Without counting the 50000 million pairs spent – between 2017 and 2018 – for the payment of travel expenses.

It was not the only cost of tax money in an unlimited way. A story about sex, lies and scandal, as defined by the type of time, was revealed in 2009 at ENAP.

That year, it was known that Enrique Dávila Alveal, then general manager of the company, managed to find the commercial engineer Paula Hidalgo – to which he was involved – to raise his salary from 600 thousand pesos to more than 9 million pesos in a few years. Not to mention the travel to heavenly destinations, some of which were paid with tax funds, including Cancun, Rio de Janeiro or others such as Paris, Milan, Miami, Lisbon, London, Quito and Buenos Aires.

Davila is a socialist and became president of the Chilean Foundation 21, think tank of the old Concertación.

In consultation with the State, he sent a statement where he promised to perform "all the investigations mentioned by the auditor in your report and, if necessary, we will submit to the organizations concerned any findings or irregularities that we can identify".

"The survey of the Inspector is in line with the guidelines set by the board of directors and the ENAP administration since August 2018, which are concerned with the implementation of a series of measures aimed at greater transparency of company management and rigorous control of its resources.
From 2018 to 2019, in fact, we will actually organize 38 internal audits to clarify inter alia contracts, investments, staff costs and advisory procedures. The current direction of ENAP has set as a priority its strict control over resources and takes the necessary steps to make ENAP a viable and sustainable company over time, "concludes the publication.

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