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Elizalde accused the reference process of controversy in the PS model

The president of the Socialist Party, the senator Alvaro Elizalde, he argued The first coffee of Partnership that the process of refachaje was the main person responsible for the problems faced by his community in internal elections.

On Friday, the PS Supreme Court upheld the cancellation of the poll in San Ramón, a community in which the poll questioned after a report from Channel 13, showed participation in the election of former combatants who had been expelled from the party for suspected links with drug trafficking.

For Elizalde, the Supreme Court's decision was positive with regard to determining the validity of communities and the proclamation to elected candidates for the Central Committee of what will allow it to be set up in the coming weeks. "Our list received significant support, two-thirds of the internal vote and therefore is a definitive fact regardless of the cancellations of a significant number of tables, "he noted.

On the controversy over the San Ramon electoral list, the former minister stressed that "with the new law of refachaje was intended to resolve a worsened problem and the solution was not good before we had swelled projects for a variety of reasons but where the clean and honest fighters (…) were signed ".

The process of refachaje, said Elizalde, "Far from resolving the problem, the distortion increased."

"We have taken measures as we call Servel observers on election day, officially in a document I signed," he added and explained that we expected a group of them to be in San Ramón.

"We believe that along with giving more power to Servel, too more powers should be given to the parties themselves in order to take additional measures to avoid this kind of situation, "he added.

"Parties must regain the decision-making power of those who struggle and who does not struggle," he added later.

Former Minister Nicolás Eyzaguirre He replied to Elizalde stating that "by categorically accusing the refichaje, which was a law promoted by President Bachelet, is to put things in the opposite direction of Christians. We had a problem of total political indignation and if the clean and honest fighters were clean and honest, they cost nothing to redirect. "

"The main problem is that the parties really refused Servel to be able to take part in the test of standards," he added.

Meanwhile, the historic PS leader, José Antonio Viera-Gallo, he said
"all of us who participated in the electoral process, we knew that the main flaw was in the San Ramón"

"Then when agreed with this group, somewhat whiten what this group does, that's the underlying problem for me. I believe that we now have to learn the lessons and, as we have said, make drastic reforms for the future"He added that cancellation" is not enough ".

On the same line, Genaro Arriagada (DC) this was also part of his discussion The first coffeesaid that "we have to assume that this is a fact beyond the Socialist Party, which affects the immense influence of politics, and that in this scenario the PS Council must be much more emphatic."

"If the pattern is bad, how good are Servel's observers? the only way out of it is to take drastic and urgent decisions, how to reach an agreement between the different parties that is the majority for a drastic reform of the law of the parties and the powers of Servel, "added Arriagada.

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