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Dragon Ball Super: SPOILERS arrive, this surprise fighter will beat Broly | Dragon Ball | Anime | Cinema Premiere Film Anime

The same actors of the voice were invited for the first official projection of " Super Dragon Ball: Broly At big screen. A month after his premiere, a wave spoilers for this reason. In this note you will know part of it plot which has filtered in these days. But we remind you that this is information from the same assistants.

Dragon Ball Super – SPOILERS Alert

We warn you that the following lines are included SPOILERS from & quot;Super Dragon Ball: Broly "And although not confirmed, we recommend watching the movie before. But if you are very anxious to learn the direction of the film we share a fundamental detail about his new saga Dragon Ball.

Well, according to the special media in the anime Otakuanimelife on your site, there is Saiyan that will come to be defeated Broly and is not for Goku child Vegeta. We talk Gogeta, the merger of both without the pending known.

That is right, Akira Toriyama will revive the powerful warrior for the new movie "Super Dragon Ball: Broly & # 39; Of course, it has been said that the struggle is spectacular, but it will not take place on Earth but in another dimension.

Part of the film will be geared to discover this possible fusion. For that reason, Piccolo It will be fundamental. He will be responsible for guidance Goku and Vegeta to get there Gogeta, so he will not be a fighter against him The legendary Saiyajin.

Such as Piccolo, Accounts he will not add to the battle. It will take care of the children of the protagonists. What do you think about this plot "Super Dragon Ball: Broly "So far?"

We remind you that not only filtered information has been confirmed. We have to wait until it January 17th to learn more about the true motivation Broly has reached the Earth or, in this case, this unknown dimension.

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