Thursday , April 15 2021

Arbitration report records irregularity in the age of two U. Católica passers-by against Palestino

The referee Fernando Vejar, which led to this meeting U. Católica defeated Palestino 2-1 on the second date of the National Championship, He records in his report an irregularity of the student group in relation to the passers-by he presented.

U. Católica presents four passes, two of which exceeded the maximum age allowed by the bases of the National First Division Championship of 2021 “, as the judge wrote.

According to the rules of the national competition, “the minimum age to act as a passer-by will be 14 years and the maximum age will be 20 years “.

During the match, the “cross” team reported on their nets that their players Clemente Montes and Gonzalo Tapia played roles as a player and stretcher.

In other situations revealed in the reports of the second date, there is an irregularity in the wardrobe of Everton DT, Roberto Sensini, which he modified in the second half, while in, ublense DT, Jaime García, had to change his shirt to be the same color as the clothes of his opponent, Melipilla.

In addition, goalkeeper U Fernando De Paul presented “a different goalkeeper uniform than the one mentioned in professional leagues”.

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