Thursday , April 15 2021

“Anita” from “Los 80” reappeared on television at the age of 11: she met Tamara Acosta in “De tú a tú”

This is Estrella Ortiz, who played Anita, the newest Herrera breed in the successful 13 series.

The famous national actress, Reservation image for Tamara Acosta, starred in the new chapter of the Martín Cárcamo program “From you to you” this Wednesday.

Acosta opened his heart and in this case spoke his personal life, his depression, his career in television and also stopped analyzing one of his most important series: “The 80”.

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At one point, Cárcamo reminded the actress that her first participation in national soap operas was in 1994, when played Cynthia Jurandir at “Champagne”. In addition, he commented that he has the record for the biggest kiss in the history of Chilean television: what exactly happened in this TV series with Guido Vecchiola.

After seeing the scene, he said she was very young there and played very badly. “It was my first TV series, letting the school prepare for my exit exams. It was very big and new, working on TV, with a salary, was very rare, “he said.

Tamara Acosta in From you to you

About how it came about The 80’s, Tamara said that The An invitation to casting came while he was filming the TV series “Don Amor” in Puerto Rico. Arriving in Chile, he did the casting and stayed.

Nobody believed that it would go well, we knew that it was an extremely specific project, that it was important, that it regained the historical memory of the country and that it was also very aesthetically beautiful.. But at the same time, we knew it was sad, it was slow, we said no one would see it. As soon as Loreto (Aravena) asked me if I thought we would record a second season and I said, “Forget it, no one will see that.” “We premiered the first chapter and it was a resounding success from the first moment and so every season was very amazing,” recalled the actress who played “Ana López”.

And your gift? Will we see her in a TV series for now? Faced with these questions, Acosta answered: “I was invited for some projects, but we did not reach financial agreements. It was a difficult year, but we avoided it very well and calmly. And it was not as complicated as it was for many families and individuals from the same area, which was awful. “

Tamara Acosta and Estrellita in De tú a tú

Towards the end of the program, Martin was surprised Tamara with a sudden visit. It was about Estrella Ortiz, who played little Anita in “Los 80” when he was just nine months old. The two met again in the space of seven after the end of the series.

After the emotional moment, Martin asked Estrella if she would like to be an actress, in which she answered with a resounding yes. Tamara added that the 11-year-old has worked as an actor in other things.

I feel proud, grateful and proud, for everything I had to do, for all the work, for all the characters and especially for “The 80” that it was so big, that it was so beautiful that it moved and inspired so many people. “I feel absolutely privileged”, concluded the famous national actress.

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