A young woman killed by police officers dies: The driver who left the check ensures that his officers have asked not to disclose an incident – National


A young woman killed by police dies: The driver who left the check ensures that his officers have asked not to disclose an incident

José Rivera, who led the vehicle where the victim was drunk, was repented of his deeds. However, he said he never imagined he would shoot.

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After 23 hours on Saturday, February 16, in his community Andacollo (Coquimbo Area), a drunk driver He decided to leave the police without suspicion of the fatal consequences that would result from his decision.

In conversation with TVN Red Coquimbo, Jose Rivera He said how the soldiers decided to shoot in his vehicle while he escaped, causing the death of one of his comrades who was a 22-year-old girl who is identified with the original T.M.C.

"As I had drunk alcohol, I left, I felt a shot at 100 meters, the second hit at the back, piercing my chest with a shot," says the subject. Regarding the continuation of what happened, he added that "the third (shot) was quick, I saw my friend fall on my knee". A carabinero opens the door, tells me he was my friend, but he tells me he was just faint ", he assured.

A few minutes later he assured that "I asked the tellerite to release my handcuffs because I felt bad, I was flying and I had lost much blood." After that, he says the police officer told him "I hugged him, he would not let me die and he would not blame me for anything wrong, but I would do it with him, not to say anything and stay quiet."

Following this dialogue, the young woman moved to Coquimbo in a state of extreme gravity and died on Wednesday afternoon.

"You hear the sirens, but there is not a shot in the air. It was my fault because I did not stop, but I never thought anyone would shoot me. ", reflects the driver now.

Tarcila Piña, regional director Institute of Human Rights, said that "it is very important to know the history of the Carabineros protocols on the use of force and firearms".

Carabineros himself refused to talk about the facts, because four civil servants are under a summary. For his part, neither the IPR nor the Public Prosecutor's Office had any questions.

From the municipality of Andacollo, the mayor / Wilson Núñez assured that it is "Something unprecedented for us and we are extremely worried". In fact, the INDH and the municipality appreciate being involved in legal action to determine him / her or the responsible.



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