Is there a relationship between lung cancer and hypertension?

[ad_1] Advantages and risks of ACE inhibitors Recently, we have published a study that revealed a potential relationship between hypertension and lung cancer, resulting in high levels of uncertainty among high blood pressure patients. ACE inhibitors in many antihypertensive medications are likely to increase the risk of developing lung cancer. German experts comment on the … Read more

Alleged Nazi re-operation against two BAT officials

[ad_1] 04.04.2010 10.59 Online today, 10:59 New allegations have been made in the case of the Federal Office for the Fight against Terrorism (BVT). The P shooter spy leader and one of his former employees, S., are also accusing the Nazi re-operation. The two officials reported February search, the "courier" (Sunday edition). Both reject the … Read more

Three things to do on the declining market

[ad_1] The last few weeks have been very hard for the portfolio. Each time I look at it (and at the moment that is more common than I really wanted to know), I'm a bit confused. And in September (completely ignorantly and accidentally) I sold some positions and did not reinvest. I would really appreciate … Read more

That's why you need to update your iPhone now – Multimedia

[ad_1] Researchers at the Darmstadt University of Technology for Safe Mobile Networking have identified a vulnerability in Apple's iOS 12 mobile operating system. As a result, devices such as the iPhone or iPad can simply crash. According to researchers, about half a billion devices are affected. survey Apple products, such as the iPhone, are too … Read more

Vanek and Raffl Clubs are defeated at NHL

[ad_1] The injured Austrians, Thomas Vanek and Michael Raffl have been defeated in the NHL on Saturday. The Detroit Red Wings defeated the Edmonton Oilers at home without Vanek 3: 4. The Philadelphia Flyers had to beat Raffl on San Jose sharks at 3: 4 after the extra time. Philadelphia suffered another defeat after two … Read more

Diablo Immortal – Blank Snake at BlizzCon: too few players

[ad_1] Diablo Immortal has few benefits – in the network, like BlizzCon. A new Diablo with BlizzCon (though not with the expected Diablo 4) and still playable – is a clear assumption that the game can barely escape the rush. But Diablo Immortal has been more enthusiastic than enthusiasm for many fans, and you can … Read more

Influenza vaccine: The flu vaccine is incomplete

[ad_1] Vaccine Influenza: Influenza vaccine rare RTL Online Influenza protection: How to properly wash your hands on FOCUS Online Universal flu vaccine in the Wiener Zeitung test The first-time, four-fold vaccine influenza control NOZ – Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung Full coverage [ad_2] Source link