Stripe "Dynamo" Home game series will end against "Line" – TVNET Sports

[ad_1] Riga’s home game series “Dinamo” will end against “Baris”TVNET Sports Zumboff: “The game needs to be improved in the majority” Riga “Dinamo” wins its first victory of the season at home in a tense KHL game: Riga ‘Dynamo’ – Nizhny Novgorod ‘Torpedo’. Live Riga “Dinamo” beats “Torpedo” 2: 1 – nra.lvNeatkarīgā Rīta … Read more

Several hitherto unknown cave systems have been discovered in Latvia

[ad_1] Nature Protection Council expert geologist Dainis Ozols maps habitats of European Union importance, listing Latvian caves and exits, discovered hitherto unknown cave systems this summer, according to a story created by News correspondent A in the “Eyewitness” program. D. Ozols says that only those caves that can be detected are mapped. “30 cm is … Read more