Pukyong National University Kwak Min-seok team and Yeungnam University Professor Jun-oh Jin team found a way to “remove” HIV treatment beyond virus suppression

[ad_1] [시사뉴스 정은주 기자] For the treatment of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the results of research showing that the virus can be removed beyond current treatment that suppresses the virus are attracting attention. The National Research Institute of Korea announced at 5:00 pm that a research team led by Professor Min-seok Kwak (Department of … Read more

Namyang Dairy Industry – Sajo Industrial, temporary shareholders meeting today (14th) … Will there be a change in management?

[ad_1] [한스경제=양지원 기자] The Namyang Dairy headquarters in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. / Yonhap News. Namyang Dairy and Sajo Industries, which are facing disputes over management rights with “owner risk”, will hold an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders today (14th). According to the results of the shareholders’ meeting, the direction of the sale of the company is … Read more

Lee Jun-seok “Why search for” Osu “on Kim Woong’s computer?

[ad_1] Lee Jun-seok “Why search for” Osu “on Kim Woong’s computer? … Air Transport Service, Intelligence SuspectChosun bolbo Lee Jun-seok “Secretary of Air Raid, search for ‘misleading’ in search documents … Collection of information by the Attorney General?”YTN View all content in Google News [ad_2] Source link

Valorant releases new updates with ZEDD

[ad_1] Post an article on Facebook Post articles on Twitter Submit an article to Kakao Story Submit articles to KakaoTalk Submit Article to Copy URL Close [월드투데이 김가현 기자] Riot Games’ FPS ‘Valorant’ game will update episode 3 – act 2 on September 9th. Added to this update is a new ‘Spectrum’ weapon skin and … Read more

Korean Medical Research Institute, Obesity Treatment Herbal Remedies Discover How to Treat Depression

[ad_1] The Korean Institute of Oriental Medicine (President Jin-yong Lee) announced at 8 a.m. that a research team led by Dr. Mi-Young Lee of the Department of Oriental Medicine Convergence had discovered the effect of improving depression on existing herbal remedies. “Pungtongseongsan” through the process of sorting oriental medicine. Bangpungtongseongsan is a representative herbal medicine … Read more

Yeong-tak sues Yecheon Brewery for blackmail and intimidation[공식]

[ad_1] New Tak [스포츠서울 | 정하은기자]Singer Yang-tak’s side has filed a complaint against Yecheon Brewery for blackmail and intimidation. In the 6th, the New Era Project, which is responsible for the management of Young Tak, stated: in court for compensation, “he said. The agency said: “We tried to be patient with the irrational behavior of … Read more