The England national team praises Marco Rossi’s team

[ad_1] Gareth Southgate, the national team captain of the England national football team, and Jack Grillis, the midfielder of the team, also praised the Hungarian national team, against which the World Cup qualifiers will be held in Puská on Thursday. The coach and footballer gave an exclusive interview to M4 Sport on Tuesday, which the … Read more

Chances are a new Uncharted could be made in Naughty Dog

[ad_1] One of the main studios of Sony Interactive Entertainment sees strong interest in the two franchises Uncharted and The Last of Us, which were created in the last decade. Game Informer interviewed Evan Wells and Neil Druckmann, two co-chairs of Naughty Dog. Wells says they will continue to develop titles based on history and … Read more

There was a car chase in Vác, the car fell on the Danube

[ad_1] According to information from MTI, a car chased by police slipped on the Danube on Sunday. The press officer of the Nógrád County Police Headquarters informed the telegraph office that he was conducting a procedure based on a well-founded suspicion of arbitrary seizure of a vehicle by the Rétság Police Headquarters. In the interests … Read more

I will take out the drones of the camera when you come here!

[ad_1] It seems that the rapper does not want journalists and photographers at his wedding, at least Bors’s message, not to try a drone. On the first day of the couple’s three-day stay, the cool weather and heavy rain greeted the wedding crowd at Szekszárd, on the Bodri estate. Of course, the atmosphere of the … Read more

The figure of Belgian football legends has died

[ad_1] Wilfried van Moer, a Belgian football legend, has died at the age of seventy-six. The Belgian federation said on Wednesday, on behalf of the public, that the former middle-aged man died of a stroke in an area in Leuven. “We lost a legend. Thank you for everything, General!” they did so, referring to the … Read more

Some Age of Empires IV gameplay videos have appeared

[ad_1] None of the already closed beta version is allowed to be announced, however many did not comply with this request. Hi rd et é s In 2017, Gamescom One of the biggest surprises was that Microsoft announced a very comfortable teaser trailer Age of Empires IV which is responsible for the development of Relic … Read more