Yes, Intel will be late at the 5G party


Promoting the perception that it faces competition problems at this ever-connected era, Intel's 5G technology will be delayed and will not show up on smartphones and other mobile devices by 2020.

The news, not surprisingly, came during an Intel event in the media before MWC (the former Mobile World Congress). According to reports, an Intel representative admitted that the company does not expect to see consumer products on the market based on the 5G chipset by 2020. This is at least one year after the rest of the market.

And this is a problem for Apple, which supplied all of its XS, XS Max and XR modems from Intel, after being unable to secure an agreement with Qualcomm's opponent, engaging in several legal battles. Intel's modems are slower than Qualcomm and when Apple sent iPhones with both types of modems in 2017, it had to slow down Qualcomm-based iPhones to make sure all of its customers had similar experiences.

However, the latest Intel was expected, so Apple has been shopping around another 5G modem partner, so the 2019 iPhones will not fall behind the rest of the market. According to reports, he has spoken with both MediaTek and Samsung – another company with which Apple has had many legal battles.

Bloomberg previously reported that Apple's 209 iPhones will not feature 5G compatibility. Thanks to this embarrassment, Apple has begun a mechanical effort to create its own modem chipsets in the future, but this work will not pay for years to come. Regardless, it's understandable why Apple may want to get away from Intel.

That being said, it's not all bad news for Intel. The company noted that Apple's legal problems with Qualcomm created an opening for Intel and that it would not impose on its partners Qualcomm's justified license fee.

"Our model in relation to[Qualcomm] is completely different, "said Bob Swan, CEO of Intel." Our model is not a licensed model. Flows of rights charged at the cost of the entire device, this is a model that, as you know, has caused a lot of friction in the market. Friction for others is an opportunity for us. "

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