Tuesday , October 19 2021

Trudeau attacks protesters who made sexist gossip about his wife


Liberal leader Justin Trudeau met with more angry protesters on Monday, including a man who provoked him into an argument and threw a conversation about his wife.

Trudeau took off his mask to shout at the mocker, who ran back and forth, shouted obscenities and waved his hands outside the Global News studio in Burnaby, BC, where the Liberal leader had arrived to give a interview, according to a video he shot. World News.

“Isn’t there a hospital you should bother with now?” Trudeau said sarcastically to the protester.

His comments came hours after Trudeau announced a plan that would criminalize protesters blocking access to hospitals and intimidating healthcare workers.

The verbal exchange also took place on the same day as a series of protests outside hospitals and medical centers, including in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Charlottetown, Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg and Ottawa. Crowds vary in size from over twelve to more than 100 people.

The demonstrations were organized by two Ontario nurses who promoted conspiracy theories about COVID-19. The organizers too attended rallies in the US for those who believe the pandemic is a “scam”.

WATCHTrudeau to Heckler: “Isn’t there a hospital you should bother with?”

Trudeau to Heckler: “Isn’t there a hospital you should bother with?”

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is heard answering a man who shouted at him as the Liberal leader arrived in Vancouver for a media interview on Monday. 0:34

The protester shouted insults at Trudeau, who allegedly sat down for an interview outside Global News, but after discussions with the RCMP they moved in. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau was not present when the protester made the insulting remark.

Trudeau’s responses to anti-vaccination protesters during the pandemic range from negative to sympathetic. During repeated attempts to disrupt his campaigns, Trudeau responded to his speeches by making a joke or telling them to get vaccinated.

In an election campaign in Quebec earlier Monday, Trudeau thanked a supporter of the People ‘s Party of Canada for helping him make his point. Asked by a reporter if he was worried that PPC leader Maxime Bernier’s rhetoric was inciting violence, the protester began to applaud.

“Thank you, sir, for my opinion,” Trudeau said.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau responded to a protester who shouted insulting gossip about his wife, saying “Is there no hospital you should bother with now?” (Sean Kilpatrick / Canadian Press)

“Deal with anger with compassion”

When the protests began to disrupt the first days of his campaign, the Liberal leader said he would “face anger with compassion.”

Canceled after the August campaign in Bolton, Ond.

Trudeau thanked his supporters for continuing to tolerate the protesters and said he would begin to ignore them as a tactic.

“I will not respond to anger with anger, [I will] “Just ignore them,” Trudeau said on September 6.

“Even at the risk of knowing that people thought I could hit the antibacterials I was virtually unaware of, because I would not respond to anger with anger, just ignore them.”

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau gets off his election bus after speaking to the media near Brampton, Ontania, about a canceled campaign in Bolton, Ontania on August 27. (Sean Kilpatrick / The Canadian Press)

Trudeau imposes targeted criminal sanctions on protesters outside hospitals

Trudeau uses the issue of vaccines to try to create a wedge between his party and the Conservatives. Today he sharpened the offensive line against conservative leader Erin O’Toole over the issue, accusing him of giving in to the party’s fringe elements.

Earlier Monday, Trudeau, Grégoire Trudeau and their son Hadrien met with a small group of health workers in Vancouver. Trudeau then publicly denounced protesters who verbally harassed workers like them as they entered work.

“It’s not okay, any day, to know that a nurse who goes on shift late, crosses a car park, may be afraid that there may be someone there who will spit on her or yell at her,” Trudeau said in a statement. . “It’s not okay.”

Trudeau said that if re-elected, it would be a criminal offense for people to block access to health care facilities, including vaccination clinics and trials along with abortion clinics. He also said it would make it illegal to intimidate or threaten any healthcare professional performing professional duties.

Trudeau was asked if this law was necessary, as it is already against the law to make threats or attack anyone. Trudeau said there are specific protections in the Penal Code for journalists and those in the justice system who want the same for health workers.

“It’s sad we got there, but we think these people deserve our highest level of protection because they have done a lot for all of us in the last 18 months,” Trudeau said.

Trudeau makes a series of stops in BC. on Monday, as his campaign intensifies for the last week.

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