There is a report that requires Canada to buy Montana from the US


The state of Montana can become the 11th province of Canada.

At least this is the dream that Ian Hammond hopes will become reality, as it is behind the "Sale of Montana to Canada for $ trillion to eliminate national debt."

The petition, which was created in early February and today has an impressive 15,000 signatures, does not offer a big argument for the deal that changes the border except for the fact that the United States is today in great debt.

"We have too much debt and Montana is useless, just tell them they have beavers or something," he says.

While Canada is known to love beavers (it's like the teddy bears with teeth!), The Canadian government's chances of having a spare $ 1 trillion dollars waiting for a large land purchase is still to be determined.

Many signers have left a comment that explains why it is for the sale of the state, the Montanans, the Canadians and the Americans to express their approval.

"I'm Montanan and I hope to join Canada without moving costs," said CJ Williams at "Please adopt us".

"I'm Canadian and making Canada bigger is cool," said Canadian self-proclaimed Edgar Desrochers.

"I would definitely have Montana, why not," wrote Jana Ingram.

It remains to be seen whether the leaders of the two countries will make a difference in order to exhaust the details of this historic agreement, but our fingers will surely cross over to see Montana come into play next year.

Here we hope not to confuse Montana with Manitoba very often when this happens.


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