The Trump Presidency faces high stakes in mid-term elections


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump is acting as a candidate for the vote this week, making double headlines a day and blasting Republican ads on Tuesday. In view of his role as presidency, he may be.

A lot of tests. Paradise Coast. Warning shot for re-election bid. Trump affects the potentially fragile precipitation if Republicans lose control of one or both chambers of Congress and leave two years of GOP hegemony in Washington. The White House, which sought to stay on track in favorable conditions, would be tested dramatically. A president who often struggles with his own party faces a much less forgiving opposition.

On the Flip side, if the Republicans keep the House and the Senate under control, they only record the victory of the GOP, but to enforce Trump's policy and the usual presidency. This result, which was even less likely in the White House, would encourage the president to launch his own re-election bid.

Supporters of the White House insist that the president should not spend much time defending the defeat, but has tried to calibrate expectations. He focused on competitive senates on the last days of his burned ground campaign and dissociated himself from the republicans losing their home. If that happens, he wins the victory and the efforts of the campaign have been narrowed by the GOP's losses and helped them to keep the senate, a person who knew Trump's thinking who asked for anonymity because the delegate could not discuss the White House conversations by name.

During the campaign, Trump was tested with other explanations – pointing to the historic confrontation of a party in office and complaining about the retirement of GOP this year. Last month, he told the AP that he would not take any responsibility if the Democrats took over.

On Friday, West Virginia, an astonishing Trump triumphed over the acquisition of the Democratic House. "It may be," he said, adding, "Do not worry, I just guess.

Meanwhile, his staff have begun preparing to address a time gap that may come from democratic governed committees next year and the Advisory Office of the White House will try to attract experienced lawyers to on-site inspections.

If they are in the House Democrats are planning to reopen the House Intelligence Committee's connection with the Trump campaign with Russia. Other committees are aggressively monitoring Trump's business and business interests. Some Democrats use the House Ways and Means committee to receive a copy of the president's tax return after having abolished the decade of traditions and holding them back from the public in his campaign at the White House.

The republican majority behind the back can also pose challenges that are likely to ignite party disputes. First of all, there was a potentially bitter leadership in the house to replace the retiring President Paul Ryan. But a narrowed majority may also aggravate policy breakdown – and unified governance can still leave the GOP to face the gridlock.

"It is clear that there are a lot of things in the legislative agenda," said Republican adviser Josh Holmes. "The prospect of a democratically controlled house or senate is a serious wreck through the Congress."

Some in the White House believe that the loss of Democrats can really be beneficial. He believes Democrats are trying to investigate the President as a victim of a victim in the period up to 2020. The minority leader of Nancy Pelosi House is seen as Trump's potential film and they believe they can mark the party's responsibility for the Washington defects.

Ari Fleischer, the press secretary of George W. Bush, said that the democratic scrutiny of parliament "is both a threat and a promise to the president".

"The danger is calling, investigating, legitimate bills and headaches," he said. "The promise to Trump will be easy for his film: Pelosi and Democratic Leadership."

The White House facilitators discussed floating popular legislative issues such as infrastructure to tempt Democrats and test the unity of the Democratic opposition.

While the house was still up for the GOP, Trump and Republicans tried to sell voters to the GOP control over the other two years in the closing days of the campaign. They have advocated a hard-line immigration policy and several tax cuts, arguing that democrats are wiping out two years of development.

In the closing weeks of the mid-term, Trump was unlearned from the nation-states until the efforts made to speed up the Republicans, while sinking into the same riots that set their 2016 campaign. From the fear of illegal immigration to the warning of the economic collapse, if the Democrats are victorious.

House loss, however, prompts the GOP to formulate party parts and the moderate Republicans' struggle in Trump and raise questions about whether democratic gains are likely to reach presidential hopefuls by 2020.

Democratic consultant Jim Manley said on Tuesday whether Democrats were successfully absorbing white working-class voters in the Central West who supported Trump in 2016.

"Trump helps to become more radioactive," Manley said. "There is a chance that he will try to bring them back."

But while the results may reveal the weaknesses of the Republican coalition, mid-term elections are very different than the presidential years. The Republicans immediately pointed out that a party in power usually defeats midterms. Former president of Barack Obama in 2010 was "spoiled" in his words and re-elected in 2012.

Fleischer said: "The posterity of people is exaggerated, and in 2 years everything has changed."

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