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The most emotional catastrophic moments in Pixar's history

Pixar Animation Studios has become the golden standard of modern feature movement over the last 25 years. Their films are characterized by well-known actors in high-end ideas, depicted with amazing detail and exciting apparel, hilarious gags and unforgettable personalities. But, yes, Pixar movies are designed to shout at you. (At least they seem to have been designed to make adults cry). Pixar's latest movie, Toy Story 4, is the sequel to what may be the most violent film in the history of the studio, but it is not like the The story of the games movies are the only Pixar movies that can crush your soul. Let's take a look at the 20 most emotionally devastating – sometimes for happy reasons! – moments in Pixar's history.

(NOTE: The list contains spoilers for many Pixar movies including Toy Story 4 – if you do not want to read that past skipping # 8)

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