Wednesday , March 3 2021

Tekashi 6ix9ine just learned gangster friends was after him

Two days before Tekashi 6ix9ine was accused of federal bankruptcies that would put him away for life, the rapper received a visit from federal agents who told him that he was at risk, according to reports.

The agents brought the 22-year-old rapper and Star Instagram to the Homeland Security headquarters in New York City and explained that his alleged colleagues at Street Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods had been heard on a phone line saying they wanted to hurt him, The Prosecutor US Michael Longyear told the federal court on Monday, page Six reported.

Longyear said Tekashi's Nine Trey associates, including Kifano's up-and-coming director "Shotti" Jordan, were angry with the one who gave a radio interview last week, explaining why he fired his squad and canceled the tour of.

In a "The Breakfast Club" interview, the rapper rapper, named Daniel Hernandez, appeared to be trying to distance himself from his alleged gang partners and accused them of trying to cut him off, according to another report on page Six.

"Every blood is not your blood," Tekashi said at his appearance, according to Page Six.

In response, his colleagues "wanted to break him," Longyear explained. "They wanted to" break the super ".

Longyear said the term "super violation" means performing a "violent act, including shooting," said Page Six.

In the disclosure of this information to Tekashi, the agents were hoping to gain co-operation in a case that was being built against Nine Trey members for crimes that have been going on for at least five years. The agents offered to put Tekashi in a hotel for his security, but he refused and returned home, Page Six also reported.

Tekashi is now charged with five other men, including Jordan and others in his administration, that they are part of a criminal enterprise that sells fentanyl and other drugs and deals with "unthinkable acts of violence," said the US Prosecutor of Manhattan Jerry Berman in a statement, the Daily Beast reported.

According to the indictment, these acts of violence include armed robbery and attempted murder.

In April, Tekashi allegedly participated in the armed robbery of Nine Trey rivals in Midtown, Manhattan, recording the robbery by a nearby car, according to the Daily Beast. A backpack pulled by a supposed victim found this fall in the Tekashi apartment. the victim's ID was still on the inside, prosecutors argue. During the investigation, the researchers also recovered an AR-15 pistol.

In the same month, Tekashi was photographed in Barclays' center in Brooklyn with one of Fuguan's co-defendants "Fu Banga" Lovick, who is accused of shooting gang gangs, according to Daily Beast.

In July, the gang also tried to shoot someone who was disrespectful for the team at Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, but it threatened to kill an innocent attendee instead, the New York Times added.

Through his lawyer, Tekashi declined to be a member of Nine Trey, said Page Six.

"Daniel Hernandez is not involved in any of these people until 2017," said his lawyer, Lans Lazarou, during the Tchaikovsky's deposition on Monday night at the federal court.

"He is withdrawing from these people," Lazzaro added, citing the interview of The Breakfast Club.

In his testimony, Tekashi appeared "shaken", closing his eyes in many places and responding to the judge's questions in a softly polite voice, Daily Beast reported. Tekashi did not act like the fancy, controversial personality that has been made in his hurrying videos, or when he takes people to social media.

His behavior in the courtroom was similar to the frightened, desperate person who appeared in another New York court in July in an unrelated case involving an extraordinary injunction warrant from Houston, Texas.

For this court appearance, Tekashi was detained on Rikers Island after his arrest for the warrant and his lawyer explained that he was threatened by members of another gang.

While in central custody, waiting for a bail hearing, members of the violent street organization Trinitari called Tekashi a "b" and vowed to "quit", sources of the court at the Daily News reported at that time. Tekashi fell into fear during the verbal attack, according to one source.

Now, Tekashi is accused in court of being a member of another violent street gang, no matter what his lawyer claims.

As it happens, Nine Trey is a variant of the famous Bloods Street gang and was founded at Rikers Island in the early 1990s. Tekashi also repeatedly reported Bloods during his songs and interviews, according to the indictment.

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