New Apex Legends test hitboxes proves that playing as Pathfinder can be a huge downside |


One of the most popular legends used in Apex Legends is Pathfinder, but a serious problem with hitboxes can prove to be a huge drawback.

Hitboxes are invisible markers and shapes used in video games to detect real-time collisions. It is these that determine if and when things in a game come into contact with a character such as bullets, explosives, vehicles, environmental elements, etc.

This means that in order to damage the enemy player, you must make sure that the bullets that shoot come in contact with Legend's enemy beats or else they will chase safely.

With this in mind, the user of Reddit & # 39; Wpns_Grade, & # 39; has published a Reddit video where some Legends hitboxes are tested and compared to other Legends.

What arose from the test was a rather unexpected and worrying result as it showed that the Pathfinder hitboxes are much larger than it should be.

The trial was simple – the player started shooting the bullets in Bloodhound's traps, like over his shoulders, between his legs, around his head, and up and up.

The bullets seemed to come into contact only when in fact their body and head were really impressive, showing that Legend's noise was coded very perfectly.

However, when performing the same test at Pathfinder, the bullets touched their body frame, even when the gun fell over its outline, proving that the hitboxes were not nearly clean with Bloodhound's.

Of course this result should be quite worrying for those who want to run Pathfinder as their main legend as there are strong indications that they have a clear disadvantage.

This is also an excellent opportunity to see how fast RespPAwn Entertainment reacts when certain issues such as this and the players base will get a good taste of the developer's work ethic when it comes to dealing with problems in the game.

Is that what you saw in the video above enough to convince you to stay away from the game as a Pathfinder? Or do you think this is not that big for a deal? Tell us tweeting @Dexerto and share your thoughts!


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