"I just want to die," said Lisa Butford to the police after killing her daughter


Lisa Batstone was cold and troubled when her December police interviewed her body with Teagan's eight-year-old daughter in her car.

"I just want to die," she continued to tell the homicide officers who were instructed to explain it for what had happened.

Although her lawyer continued to tell her not to speak, she did – describing the desperation she felt, the personal and professional help she sought but did not take away, the depression medications, her disappointments with the former husband her, Gabe Batstone, as well as her efforts to end her life as she drowns her daughter.

The interview was conducted by employees of RCMP Const. Emilie Tousignant and Sgt. Darren Carr on 10 December 2014 and recordings were released to the CBC and another media organization by the court on request.

Watch as Lisa Batstone tells the police about her daughter's death

The video of Lisa Baston, interviewed by two RCMP officials, was used both by her defense and her coronation in her Teagan's murder trial. 1:47

Both Crown and defense were interviewed during the trial to prove the kidnapping of the child – Crown arguing that it was premeditated and should be considered a second-degree assassination and defense claiming that it was spontaneous and that the accusation must be degraded to manslaughter.

"No one took me seriously and I was trying to help … I tried so hard," said Batstone at Tousignant. "I loved much more than this girl … and I was exhausted and could not go on."

Lisa Batstone and her daughter, Teagan, in a photo posted on Facebook during the summer. (Facebook)

She recognized that she had drowned her daughter with a plastic bag while she slept in the living room during a "camp" with her mother.

Batstone told the police that the murder of the child was not designed, but he designed and attempted to be killed after a bag. When this did not work, she said, she thought she could end her life by removing a cliff or pulling herself off.

She said she put her daughter's body in the car and was trying to eliminate the family dog ​​with friends when the car went to a ditch.

Teagan with her father, Gabe Batstone. (McGibbon Family)

"I went and knocked on someone's door and I said please call the police, my daughter was dead in my car … and then I crawl and I joined her until the last minute," he said.

Crown says his case is based on Batstone's behavior after an offense to intimate the intention, especially the statements he made to the police: that by taking the action he took, he seemed to kill her. That he intended to cause death.

The trial was completed on January 23rd and Judge Catherine Murray will issue her verdict on March 22nd.


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