Thursday , March 4 2021

His ex-girlfriend Roughrider Cox was afraid of life after beating

Justin Cox of Saskatchewan Roughriders during the first half at Edmonton, AL, on Friday, July 8, 2016.


REGINA – A woman who had beaten up former Saskatchewan Roughrider Justin Cox says she was afraid of her life the day she broke her nose and left her bloody and bruised.

The former defensive return was found guilty in September to attack causing bodily injury for the August 2017 attack.

His ex-girlfriend says that Cox began attacking her at the parking lot of a Regina shopping center and continued to beat her as he was driving through the traffic to the old Mosaic Stadium area.

According to the victim's impact statement sent by Stephen, he was able to escape the vehicle and to mean a passerby that led her to a hospital.

Croom calls for a year of imprisonment, trial, anger management and substance abuse.

The defense demanded significantly less time to imprisonment or no time of imprisonment and a fine that could be paid to the community.

Cox apologized during the conviction hearing.

"I'm sorry about everything that happened," said Cox. "I hope to get another chance."

Cox will be convicted in early December with a date to be set next week.

The woman's name is protected by a publication ban.

In her statement, she said she still lives with the assault trauma every day and has since moved to the whole country.

The victim also says that Cox repeatedly harassed her and had women dating her harassing them through messaging applications in an attempt to persuade her not to testify.

According to the statement, at one point Cox wrote her father saying, "Your daughter helps me better in the court before it is too late" and "It was a low life when I met her."

The contact between Cox and his former one was a violation of the terms of his warrant that he consistently violated, the Crown said.

Cox played a whole season with the Roughriders, eventually naming the team's champion of the year in 2016.

He was left by the group in April 2017, after he was arrested for a different charge but was not found guilty.

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