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It was a busy week for Black Ops 4 with Play League PlayStation 4 and a major Black Market review. With Treyarch's latest update, some important changes have been made to both modes to smooth out the player's experience.

While many were excited to see the changes in the black market, players felt the levels were too late, making the acquisition of new data far more difficult than expected.

Not only that, but the start of the League Play met with some incredible lukewarm reactions because of some of the frequent problems the players were entering.

The latest update Black Ops 4 seeks to correct these problems with some major changes on both fronts.

When it comes to the Black Market, Treyarch acknowledged that progress was "too slow" and applied a change to speed things up. In addition, they made it so that gamblers can win reserve cases after Tier 100.

– Reserve Cases will once again be recorded at each level after 100 in the Illegal Stream and the Daily Tier Skips will be reapplied to the Titles after the 100-Tier game play through all modes.

– The rate of return on Reserve Earnings through the game will double.

– Assumptions will be rolled back to those who proceeded before Tier 100 before this update for each additional step completed.

When it comes to the League Play, the February 22 patch introduces a major change to the League Play that will allow the parties to stay together while on hold.

You can read the full patch notes to update on February 22, with the Treyarch concession, below:

Update on February 22: Updated Black Pursuit Updates on Blackout and Black Market Progression Updates on PS4

Hot Pursuit is released on PS4!

Hot Pursuit is now live on the Blackout on PS4, with the debut of three new vehicles: SUV, PBR and Muscle Car, each with its own special skills.

Choose the life of the robbers and watch more coins in the Muscle Car or set the law in our new police vehicles with sirens and built-in radar. In hot pursuits, supply stops and supply drops appear more often than normal and teammates will play with each collapse if a teammate survives to the final collapse. The last team wins!

Hot Pursuit is now the Featured Blackout Playlist starting today with the PS4, and Close quads Frenzy Quads returns as the Recommended Playlist on Xbox One and on the computer. Go to a match and let us know what you think in the comments below.

We fixed the yesterday's known problem with the parties breaking up after Play League games on this update – and if you missed yesterday, check out our new World League Rank System blog for all the details on how the new and improved Black Ops 4 the competitive ranking system works on the World Hub Hub. Our first League tournament started yesterday, so there is plenty of time to get in and start earning this weekend.

This week's update brought several changes to the black market, including an inventory system, simplification of the Blackjack Shop UI, and the new ability to win Blackjack Reserves by playing the game beyond getting new items with every rating on flow of smuggling. The intent with this system was to give more players more frequent access to stock content as players could now earn them from scratch by playing the game rather than gain access only after completing Tier 100.

However, by moving progress towards Reserves forward rather than at the end of the stream, this had an undesirable effect on the players who progressed to the top 100 ranks. The original profit rates for Blackjack Reserves through gameplay were also too late. These issues and much more are being solved today.

From the next update that is targeting today later today, Reserve Content will be added to the Securities at the end of the Illegal Stream, and players will continue to make progress towards time-assumptions while proceeding through the stream. Daily Tier Skips after 100 levels will work as before, providing a case for each tier for players of all ways to ensure the original goal of allowing players to earn Reserves earlier and more frequently than in previous functions.

Additionally, the winning rate for Game Stores through the game will double to ensure that players earn Cases faster at any time.

Finally, if you have already moved beyond Tier 100 during this Mode, you will automatically receive the same number of Reserves you would have earned for each Tier completed by that point in this Operation. This means that Progress-based progress is not lost as your winnings after Tier 100 will have to wait for you to apply this update this evening.

To sum up, Black Market's development will be updated to work as follows in this evening's update:

  1. Reserves will once again be recorded at each level after 100 in the trafficking stream, and Daily Tier Skips will once again be applied to 100-titles through the game in all modes.
  2. The earnings percentage for Game Observation Cases will double.
  3. Cases will be refreshed retrospectively to those who proceeded before Tier 100 before this update for each additional step completed.

And of course, players will continue to win Cases at any time over the regular rejection of their classs, as reported by Tuesday. These changes will be released later on today on PS4 and will come into force immediately when Grand Heist Mode launches on Xbox One and the computer next week.

Here's what's new today in Black Ops 4:

  • Hot Pursuit was added as an Advanced Playlist to Blackout on PS4.
  • Close Quarters Frenzy Quads added as Featured Playlist on Blackout on Xbox One and PC.
  • The parties are no longer disbanded after the Play League games in the World Hub.
  • Additional support for new "MKII" weapons added to Zombies on PS4.
  • Improvements in Black Market development are planned for upgrade later today.

The following updates are live on PS4 today, with other platforms to follow:

  • Persecution
    • Hot Pursuit has been added as the selected playlist on PS4.
    • 3 new vehicles added: SUV, PBR and Muscle Car, as well as helicopter and ATV police variants.
    • New vehicles have special abilities to give players a competitive edge with the risk of greater exposure.
      • Muscle Cars have the ability to locate nearby supply stops and drops of supply.
      • Police vehicles have built-in Sensor Dart functionality when police sirens are triggered, as well as the possibility of detecting enemy enemy muscles.
    • Supply stops and supply drops are more common than normal.
    • Players play with each collapse cycle if a teammate is still alive when the next Collapse occurs. Returns are deactivated during the final collapse.
    • Last team standing wins the game.
  • Prestige
    • He faced an issue where the "Scramble" Battle Call would be locked after the Prestige.
  • Outrider
    • Improve the crucifix transition, while focusing on the dark with Sparrow.
  • Playing modes
    • One in the room
      • The time limit will now drop to 60 seconds if only 2 players remain, unless the timeout is already under 60 seconds.
      • Clean UIs that are not used in One in the room by HUD.
  • Maps
    • Casino
      • Closed holdings in the Casino that will allow players to get out of the map.
  • League Play
    • The parties will no longer be disbanded after completing the Play League games.
  • Additional "MKII" support for weapons
    • Added support for new "MKII" weapons in Zombies (Swat RFT, Daemon 3XB, KAP 45).
  • Gloves
    • Death-Con Five
      • Manage the issue that could cause players to experience a break in progress if they went to round 6.
  • Suggested playlist
    • Close quarters frenzy
      • Close Quarters Frenzy Quads was added as the Recommended Playlist on Xbox One and the computer.
      • Take on enemies using only SMG, guns, guns, melee attacks and launchers, while struggling to survive even faster.
      • The last team wins.
  • Prestige
    • He encountered an issue that prevented players from gaining the Weapon XP or camo progress after using a Prestige Token to unlock a weapon.
  • Stability



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