Wednesday , March 3 2021

A distillery for Harvard's former dean – Harvard Science

At the beginning of the last week's celebration celebrated
The award of Michael D. Smith from the School of Arts and Sciences
(FAS), Harvard President Larry Bacow joked for his long line
Presenters – "47 of them" – ready to offer praise and
appreciation for the former leader. Although the team actually
taking the podium would actually have numbered only six, their audience
stories were deeply resounded with an audience that responded with
extended applause and laughable laughter. Bacow led the program
with an anecdote for Smith's first meeting in honor
dinner at the Annenberg Hall where the former dean of FAS completed
Bacow, then a member of the Harvard Corporation, in his cufflinks.
When Bacow later betrayed his own set, Smith replied: "Thank you
for a long time, Larry, to help keep me. "" Now is
in turn, to thank you for helping us keep us together for it
last 11 years ….

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