2 people sent to hospital after blast in Edmonton – Edmonton Griesbach district


Editor's Note: This story initially said that a shed exploded. However, the firefighters later said that it was a garage that exploded.

Two people were transferred to the hospital at steady state after a burst of garage in northern Edmonton on Friday.

At around 5:45 pm, fire and police and EMS crews were called in the area of ​​97A and 147 Boulevard.

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Edmonton Rescue Area chief Todd Weiss said his crew arrived in a collapsed house in the backyard. Alberta Health Services said she was carrying two adults in a steady state hospital.

A view from the Global 1 helicopter just before 6 pm showed that the fragments spread around the yard. There were no flames or smoke from the ruins.

"When they reached the stage there was no fire," Weiss said.

He said the propane tanks were found in the area, but they were intact. The bomb investigators were also called to the site, Weiss said.

"I can confirm that the bomb squad is on stage."

The house on the property where the explosion occurred was damaged, including the broken windows. Other homes were damaged. The residents of three homes were displaced and it was not known if they could return on Friday night.

"We can confirm that adjoining homes have been damaged and Edmonton Emergency Response Team has been called upon to support three displaced and a dog from neighboring homes," Weiss said.

Shortly after 8 pm, Weiss said the firefighters' crews are waiting for the police to conduct their investigation before moving to the affected area.

"We are not in what we call the" warm zone. "We are two homes away," he said. "You never know what they will find when conducting their research. EPS will do things and you just do not know what they will find, so we get it safe. "

Global News received several calls from local residents who said they felt their homes were shaking.

Lynne Pretty lives behind the property and says she was in the hallway talking to her son's coach when the explosion took place.

"Suddenly we heard this big," boom! "It was crazy, I did not know what happened," he said. "The only thing we heard after the explosion was the breaking of the glass. An image in the kitchen fell off the wall.

We were all afraid We got a foot in the air, our dog crazy My husband was really leaning against the wall here with the dog on the stairs, so he felt it through his back and chest.

Pretty's house was not damaged. However, the counselor living in Griesbach's home, Roxy Doctor – who lives behind the damaged property – said a wall in her home was slightly shifted, exposing the nails of finishing.

"It was very close to home, in fact it was a bit shocking in terms of proximity," she said as she looked at her window.

The cause of the explosion is under investigation.

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