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Why is Messi celebrating his goals, pointing to the sky? – World football – Spain

Barcelona star Lionel Messi continues to show in the sky after every goal he has scored. His gesture expresses tribute to Celia Oliver's grandmother.

Lionel Messi's grandmother left the world in 1998, when the future star of world football was just 11. Celia, however, strongly supported her grandson and believed in his success. And though it's not among us, it's the basis for the legendary Lionel Messi, for what it is today.

Grandma Celia even managed to get a coach at a local club to play against older children.

"When I was little, we would all go to the neighborhood team to play where my whole family was where my brother and my cousins ​​play, but everyone in the right age group because we were different ages. I was one of the youngest and so there was no still a suitable age group for me, but in one of the others there was no soccer player so my grandmother told my coach to let me play. She replied, "How do we let him play? It is too small. He can't play, "Lionel Messi himself recalls.

Lionel Messi

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"However, my grandmother insisted: 'Let's play, let's play. "" She was a very beloved woman by everyone in the club and kept asking the coach to let me go. Eventually, they sent me. I've scored two goals, though I don't remember much since I was little. But this is the story my grandmother told me afterwards, "Lionel Messi revealed years after the incident.

Celia herself said to the young talent: "You, Leo. They need you. You don't know how good you are. So we have to show them. "

After what happened a little later, the coach replied to her grandmother: "Did you see that? They couldn't shake it. It's like a flea that you can't get rid of. "

Everything is happening on the pitch and the moment of truth comes when young Lionel Messi shows his incredible left foot. Then, instead of cheering, the young player hears his name. His grandmother shouts furiously at Messi's name.

Lionel Messi

source: Gulliver / GettyImages

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