The banker of Nea Zagora, who had contracted 400,000 pounds, played a small role


The defendants for cheating money to a particularly large manager of a bank branch in New Zagora Bilyana Mancheva will appeals against "temporary detention".

This is what the lawyer of Mladen Donev told BBC.

Bankruptcies of customers in Nova Zagora will take their money, it is not known when

The bank carries out an internal check and looks for injured clients

In his words, there will be a proposal, but Mancheva would not be alone because it had a minor role in the banking industry.

We recall the case when customers filed complaints against it for illegal diversion EUR 400 000 from their accounts. Former head of bank branch in Nova Zagora may already get 10 to 30 years of imprisonment if it is guilty.

However, according to her lawyer he / she is not allowed to sign the documents separately, without going through the main store in Stara Zagora.

From the accused's letter, written from the arrest to her defender, it is clear that one of the two complainants have spent money on gambling. Prosecutor Donev noted that the terms in Sliven's prison is awesome, there is no hygiene and the prisoners are mostly men of Roma origin, which has a bad impact on the client's soul.

Verification of persecution has shown that Mancheva often travels to Serbia and can not get rid of custody because of the risk of hiding. Mr Donev also said that victims should get their money immediately because each bank has insurance and the amounts are not as big for such a financial institution.


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