Sunday , February 28 2021

: Storro lost a family member: (PHOTOS) ::

The voice family, Storaro, has separated with the youngest member of his family, the Bambi puppy.

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They have not yet commented on what had happened to their pet, and his death became clear from Ficki Storaro's position on social networks.

"Friends, I'm so sad at this point.

It was a pure soul from my family.

A friend for whom I was about to do everything he did for me. Relax in peace, Bambi. You will always live in my heart! "He wrote the star of Payner.

Quadruple love is Bo, imported from Thailand, for which the enthusiasts numbered 1500. Storaro-senior found the puppy in a puppy from Turkey a few months ago.

A little later he was pleased with an animal of the same breed and with his colleague Alicia. Her favorite pet named Casper. The five-year-old singer is looking for her to please her heir, Valeri Bozhinov-junior.

The Casper and Bambi puppies made a debut on TV. They appeared on the clip in the song of the two performers – "The Gold of the Daddy".

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