Tuesday , November 24 2020

Sports | Botev (Vratsa) was allowed to return to his court

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Botev "(Vratsa) had the opportunity to return to his court for his matches from the first league until now the newcomer to the elite hosted the Ogosta stadium in Montana because of the lack of lighting at the Hristo Botev stadium.

The BFU's Sports and Technical Committee announced on Wednesday that the upcoming match between Botev and the Danube (Ruse) in Vratsa will be held. The 15th round of the first championship will be held on Sunday at 12.15.

Installation is still over to repair the lighting, and it is likely that it will not end until Sunday. However, the Danube command agreed to play the game in Vratsa and not in Montana. In a sign of gratitude at Botev, he announced the entry for free for all fans of the team they visit.

"After 14 visits from the beginning of the season, we will return home and by the end of the week our lighting will work and the Hristo Botev stadium will meet all requirements and the last part of the equipment was delivered today (Tuesday). and the stadium will be ready for professional football on Sunday, "Botev said on his official website on Thursday morning.

"We are very grateful on the Danube (Rousse) that in the name of the fans and the good atmosphere of the stadium that they accepted to visit in Vratsa before we finish the repair, many other clubs will not make this gesture free of charge for all Rousse fans come on a Sunday for a fight, "added the leadership of the Vratsa club.

The construction of lighting at Hristo Botev Stadium was funded by the state for £ 500,000. The funds were granted by the decision of the Council of Ministers in August.

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