Thursday , November 26 2020

Myra Dobreva spoke of her husband's infidelity

After leaving the VIP Brother House, the leading Mira Dobreva spoke about her marriage to Joro Thornev. Even while she was actually, the blonde said she had caught a circle in the classic way – via sms on his phone. She does not need to worry about her husband's infidelity:

"Zoro is not easy with a woman like me, I have a lot of pressure, I always have interviews, I'm tired, I do not go out, I can not say I forgot it forever, it hurts me, it hurts me, I'm betrayed, but it's not worth sacrificing. I really appreciate Zoro as a man, it's great! Whether we stay together, I still do not know.

I deliberately talked about the infidelity of the show. So many people do, but they are hiding. That I did not cheat physically means I did not cheat on my soul? I've been thinking of another man and maybe it's time to do it, "she said in an interview at the Art Gallery.

Peace says she and her husband live moderately and do not fall into the star status column. "No success without honor, but we did not pay with many sacrifices, I have a family and two children, in short, we live, we are not rich, but we are good, two years ago we lived a lot in the studio. a lot of money, my life is budget, but it's nice that we do not live very rich. "

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