Tuesday , March 2 2021

Mira Dobreva: VIP Broder Costs Are The Most Expensive Money In My Life – Gossip

Myra Dobreva left VIP Broder's house "in the final stages after a series of painful revelations about her life." The charming star of Bulgarian National Television revealed her soul in a realistic form but eventually failed to persuade the audience that she was sincere and unfaithful in her behavior, writes "Shaw."

Myra has not seen yet another episode of the show except what she had to interview with herself. He also said viewers saw only 1 hour of mounted material, but most bursts were the result of an accumulation earlier.

"Even the behavior that Kulaghin had all year round for me is the result of the accumulation." To be such a "man," he must have a pretext that we do not know. "I have no idea what it is, but there must be a reason to be one," says Dobreva.

According to the television receiver, the world is false and only those with a false picture manage it. She was painfully honest, she talked about her family and childhood problems, but was misinterpreted by the viewers whom Mira regrets.

"It's like leaving your soul and someone in it with your muddy boots and expecting you to feel good about it." People do not understand this sincerity – like the world – the real heroes do not feel Have you ever heard Vanya Kostova go out and say something about her husband about the past? They are jealous of this past by bringing only good things to the fore and people prefer to believe it. is your husband, how are you alone? "

Dobreva will pay a family credit when the fee is paid. "Today, money is not easy to make, and these are the toughest and most painful money in my life."

From time to time Myra looks at the new era of Big Brother. In her opinion, the experience is not what they show us on the screens. She was very sympathetic to Jeni Kalkandjieva, who came first, and to Albena Vouleva for her brave sincerity.

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