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Lutogorec – AEK (Larnaca) 0: 0, Botsi's shot hit the bar

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Tournament: Europa League
Stage: "Ludogorets Arena", Razgrad
Projectors: 4677

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DUPSA REQUIREMENTS! The Bulgarian champion demanded a penalty shootout in the 77th minute after Sissyne fell into the penalty shootout when he won with Garcia. The main referee from Norway and his assistants, however, remained silent.

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Claudiu Kescheru renounce his position Jakub Schverchok.

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GRAND FOR LADDERS !! Despite the difficult development of the second part, Lugorets had a minute football impulse where he lacked two clean positions. In the first of these, Marcellino was hit by Tonyo's sadness and a moment later a shot of Cosmin Mochi's head landed in the upper radius of AEK.

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Rokada and the choice of visitors. Tete will replace Africa Asubre.

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First Route in the composition of Louis Vuitton. The nervous Sunny Dyakov is replaced by Lucas Sasha.

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The Defender Igor Silva violated the rules against a Ludogorec player.

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Cardboard and the other involved in the situation Cosmin Mochi.

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Yellow card for Jan.

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The second part began with tension between Cosmin Mochi and Apostolos Yanu. In fact, they reached a light swap, but that was not enough for the chief judge to show a red card to one of the guilty. Eventually, it all ended with an official warning for both players.

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The game is refreshed!

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Expected yellow card for Svetoslav Dakov.

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CUSHERU! Meanwhile, there was no way to move forward without one of the weaknesses of Claudiu Kescheru. The Romanian took advantage of a technical combination between Vanderson and Sissyne, who ended up with an air center. The attacker of the "eagles" played the situation without preparation, but his shot did not find the contours of the door.

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GRAY !! Despite what happened at Razgrad Arena, the "green" did not learn the good understandable situations of the opponent. Another blocked the witnesses, as Garcia was in a firing position and showed the bottom right corner. Renan, however, was in his place and fantastically blocked with one hand.

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A distant shot from Gustavo Campanario, which unfortunately does not endanger Tonyo in any way.

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The choice of Antony Zdravkov continued to work quite uncertainly for the defense. In the 29th minute, the "eagles" did not understand the position of the Cypriots, which was lost without goals, only because of the bad game of the Croatian Reyes.

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LUCKY! The fact that the "eagles" were playing much more confidently was also observed in the 24th offensive. Nathanael eventually created one of his traditional discoveries at his side and then concentrated sharply on the fall of the Lukoy ball. The African was delayed for hundreds of seconds and lost the punishment of the AEK goalkeeper.

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Yellow card for the nervous Nathanelwho will lose the next match with Bayer (Leverkusen).

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MARSELINYO !! Even the momentary advantage was on the feet of the Cypriots, the Loudmore could strike his moment at the 15th minute. Claudiu Kesheru combines skillfully with Marcellino, taking only the Brazilian against Tonyo. The theatrical writer of 84 disappoints everyone for the step after irreparably sending his filming to an outs.

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TRICHKOVSKI! The situation for Ludogoretz could be seriously aggravated in the 12th minute when guest star Ivan Trichkovski was very close to hitting. The Macedonian made an interesting foul, sending the leather ball to the ground at the distant corner. Renan "froze", but for his joy the shot went centimeters from his left radius.

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GOOD! AEK (Larnaca) continued aggressively in the attack, and in the sixth minute the African Asubre was alone against the goalkeeper of the Razgrad players. This time, however, Renan was much more resilient and with the main intervention saved the "green" from the target.

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WHAT IS RENAN! The importance of this game seemed to have a negative impact on madmen who could make a huge mistake in the second minute. The return of a ball to Renan led the Brazilian goalkeeper to fund the gambling of Apostolos Yanou. Although successful, his actions were crowned with failure, and a moment later he sent the leather sphere to Choran. For the joy of all, the Spaniard failed to direct his shot to the vacant door.

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Athletic and Technical Staff of AEK (Larnaca) faced problems before the first judge's mark by the Norwegian judge. The Macedonian citizen Daniel Moisov injured by the warm-up that made Andoni Iráola coach make urgent corrections to his composition. David Spaniard appeared in the team Catalàwho still put the captain's belt.

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Ludworth is faced with another test in the Europa League. Tonight the Eagles host Cypriot AEK (Larnaca), with only one win, keeping Razgrad's chances for one of the top two positions of Group A.

The reason is that to date the Bulgarian champion has only one point in his assets, which was achieved during the visit of the same team two weeks ago.

Ludogorec gets Brazilian defender Yago Amaral Borduchi

Ludogorec gets a Brazilian defender

"He already knows that a Bulgarian club will attract him"

Lokotar Antony Stratkov's coach has no problem and will release the best he has available, although on Sunday he is facing a heavy test in the Beroe's First League. Our team play will largely depend on the creativity of Marcellino, the scorer of Claudiu Kesheru and the defense between Cosmin Mochi and Anton Nedyalkov.

The Brazilian player should be careful as he has collected yellow cards and will miss a visit to Bayer (Leverkusen) in a new one.

Svetoslav Dyakov: AEK is a qualitative team, but we are better

Svetoslav Dyakov: AEK is a qualitative team, but we are better

"We look forward to such meetings"

AEK (Larnaca)'s self-esteem is not the highest since the weekend of choice of Anthony Hera, who lost a minimal clash with AEL (Limassol). The Cypriots seek the first victory as a guest in the teams of the League of Europe. Islanders have no particular problem in choosing their footballers, with only two of them questioned – Antonias and Kassios.

The other thing the teams will play is the money. The win in the League Europe team phase is estimated at 570 thousand euros and the draw is 190 thousand euros.

The head of the meeting was Ole Hober Nielsen from Norway, with assistants Kim Hagglund and Magnus Lundberg. Additional Assistant Referees will be Torre Hansen and Espen Escash.

Antoni Zdravkov: Ludogorets does not have a great opportunity to leave his team in the Europa League

Antoni Zdravkov: Ludogorets does not have a great opportunity to leave his team in the Europa League

"Winning AEK is essential"

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