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Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) – Levski 2: 2, Mitko Iliev quickly restores the tie



TARGET FOR LOCOMOTIVO !! 2: 2 !! ILIEV! Not a few attacks had passed before the audience in Plovdiv saw a №4 goal, this time in favor of their favorites. Parviz Omarbaev made a big pass for Josip Tomasevic, who immediately passed for Dimitar Iliev before Mikhailovic intercepted him. The Lokomotiv leader needed a touch to neutralize Seli and Zaikov. It was easy then – a close shot on Mikhailov’s net and 2: 2.


GOAL FOR LEVSKI !! 2: 1 !! MILANOV! And while the Smurfs were still rejoicing and already making subtle calculations of how things would turn out, a moment of genius again gave Levski the lead. Georgi Milanov “stole” a pass for Randy Tsonev and went slightly to the left to adjust the ball to his left foot. The former CSKA (Moscow) footballer executed an accurate shot from medium distance, which boiled Pirgo unprepared and brought great joy to the “blue” ranks. Georgi celebrated his goal debut in an official match, hugging Stanimir Stoilov near the goal line.


GOOOL FOR LOCOMOTIVE (PD) !! 1: 1! MINCHEV !! Lokomotiv (Pd) returned to the derby in 73 ‘. Ivan Goranov misses the crossbar for Karagaren. At that moment, neither the defender nor Nikolai Mikhailov managed to react at all and the Bulgarian national team gave a parallel pass to the goal line, where substitute Georgi Minchev passed Celis and scored in an empty net.


First cast in the composition of Levski. Borislav Tsonev replaced by Dimitar Kostadinov.

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Conor Rouen he also became part of Tunchev’s rotation and left instead Josip Tomasevic.


Vincent Marcel ends his participation in the match and on the field we will see Georgi Minchev.

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Milos Petrovic hits Milanov without the ball and gets a card.


Lokomotiv’s pressure intensified and another proof of the active “black and white” actions was the blow of Umarbayev, which went over the top bar.


PETROVICS! Lokomotiv started the second half and in the 47th minute they were close to equalizing. The Smurfs once again dominated their opponent in the corners and Milos Petrovic shot threateningly with his head under the crossbar. Nikolai Mikhailov was careful in the situation and with an excellent rebound left the result unchanged.



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PIRGOV WANTS TO WIN THE DIRECTOR! In the 41st minute Ilko Pirgov I do not know how he did not get a red card, since he literally went crazy after the verdict of Nikola Popov. The official warning to the goalkeeper irritates him even more, as only Kratsun’s timely actions and Popov’s patience did not lead to his early sending to the locker room.

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GOAL FOR LEVSKI! 0: 1 !! BORISLAV TSONEV! The visiting audience from Sofia had reason to rejoice after their “blue” pets enjoyed it with an opening goal. Levski launched an attack from the side, where Georgi Milanov focused fantastically on Zdravko Dimitrov. The wing overtook the guard staff and put his head down, but only to see how Pirgo made a great rescue. For a goal addition, Bobby Chonev was thrown into the split, who pierced the ball behind the goal line between Karagaren’s legs. To be counted, the goal had to wait 4 minutes, as Nikola Popov and his assistants discussed at length whether the scorer’s actions were within the rules of football.


Levski is having a hard time organizing quality attacks, so far he relies on heavy kicks, which seriously irritate Stanimir Stoilov.


Radoslav Tsonev receives a yellow card for his actions against Conor Rouen.


BEAM FOR LEVSKI! The dynamics of this conflict on the Plovdiv-Sofia axis continued. In the 24th minute, Levski was already the team, regretting that he did not lead the result. Chonev’s perfect cross landed on the head of Gyoko Zaikov, who aimed very hard with his head. The ball bounced off the crossbar and went out. Even more accurately than in northern Macedonia, the Pirgov colony seemed to be able to intervene.


Parviz Uymarbaev gets a yellow card after hitting Borislav Tsonev on the back.


KARAGAREN! There was a new crucial moment in front of Levski’s door in the 19th minute. Conar Rouen succeeded again in his individual clash with Mikhailovic and this time threw the ball to the other side for the uncovered Karagaren. Biska slowed down a bit and this allowed Ivan Goranov to stop him with a decisive separation.


On the other side of the field, Borislav Tsonev decided to act individually, gaining space from the side to the center of the field. This was followed by a shot with his left foot, which went near the left crossbar of the “smurfs”.


REQUIREMENTS FOR PASSING AND PENALTY! The hosts relied on direct football and in the 11th minute Conor Rouen could have given Lukas Salinas an assist, if not the decisive intervention of Goko Zaikov, who blocked a corner. Nikolai Mikhailov saved him decisively after a shot by a “black and white” football player with his head. And here came the controversial moment in Plovdiv. Andrian Kraev is about to send the ball in. Birsent Karagaren fouls. The national team tried to ask for a penalty and despite the fermentation of the “smurfs”, the referee Nikola Popov considered that a penalty should not be given.

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Impressive in the first 10 minutes was that Levski started to adapt to the football philosophy of Stanimir Stoilov. The “Blues” gave priority to the leather ball and were looking for the “thin passage” through which they would break the well-organized defensive locomotive.


Taking into account the feeling that came from the stands of “Lauta”, both teams immediately launched an attack, without thinking about the consequences of such first actions. The first challenge was made by the “blues”, but a long shot by Bilal Bari fell into the hands of Kolk Pirgov.

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