Tuesday , May 11 2021

Kovac: Dortmund will be easier

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Bayern Munich coach Nikos Kovacs expressed the optimism that his team will be playing a better game against Borussia Dortmund on Saturday,

The Bavarians defeated the Greeks 2-0 and with a 10-point bet they were qualified for the elimination of the most prestigious European club tournaments.

"We did not get enough and we could be rewarded with more success in the second half, but there were no fireworks in the game, but that could be expected and victory is the most important thing," said Croatian.

"Lewandowski did a good job, scored two goals and could do so much." AEK was very deep in half, playing 5-4-1 and making it hard.

"Borussia is attacking, derby is on their territory and we will have room and expect a better game." The board says Dortmund will be the favorite, but Bayern can beat everyone, we want to be happy after the fight. many things come out, but it's not just in Bayern, "added Nick.

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