Thursday , February 25 2021

: Ivanceva with another circus: wants to give a TV interview (UPDATED) ::

The former Mayor of the metropolitan area "Mladost" and deputy of Biljana Petrova once once made a circus in a specialty. This was the case if the prosecutor's request forbidden to leave the country.

At the beginning of the hearing, while judge Ivo Hiddof spoke, Ivanceva collapsed on the ground, opened the black backpack, pulled red red shoes and was confused to be in harmony with his red jacket. Then he sat and began to spin and talk to his mother. The prosecutor's spokesman said the two defendants for a serious intentional crime – a bribe of EUR 70,000 – are subject to a modified "home arrest" measure, and although enforcement has been suspended, Ivanceva and Petrova have to be insured in court. Therefore, forbidding them to leave the country is imperative. The four attorneys of the two defendants surprise the court in support of the prosecutor's request, and some of the accused also said it was late. Lawyers also stated that Ivancheva and Petrova did not plan to travel abroad for rest or treatment. Ivanceva's dream was only to "open her window". "I agree with the ban, it will be a 100% ground for changing the detention order to go home and treat us," Ivanceva told the court. "I do not know why I am in custody, and what I say, the solution is clear, and the fax for our release never reached the conception," Petrova complained. The court decides the court secretary of the meeting on 16 November this time when the detention order has been converted into a home- to point out his actions and to make a statement as to why he has not sent a fax to the detention center. The judge recalled that the structures of the Ministry of the Interior should be informed of the court's decisions on the measures.

The court accepted the prosecutor's request and forbade Ivanceva and Petrova to leave the country and ordered the decision to be sent immediately to the Border Police. "In the case of arrest and house arrest, there is no ban on leaving the country, but there is some theoretical possibility of leaving home and the country violating the detention order." The prosecutor's office is convinced that all measures have been taken to the procedural behavior of the two defendants, "said Judge Hinov. At the end of the meeting, Ivanceva asked the court to allow under escort to go with Petrova to BTV for an interview. And Petrova said she wanted to cut her hair and donate her for cancer, but she had no scissors in custody. The court interrupted them for the interview and did not say about cutting the hair. However, at the end of the hearing, he allowed an hour to speak to his lawyers in the courtroom only in the presence of a judicial inspector who would stay away from them in order not to listen to the debate.

On 16 November, the same judge changed the measure of detention of Ivanceva and Petrova from "detention" to "home arrest", but the prosecutor's office immediately demanded suspension from the upper tier, respected and detained. The Deputy Prosecutor is expected to take a final decision on Ivanceva and Petrova's detention. The third accused, Petko Dyulgerov, is under house arrest. The three were arrested on April 17th. with a bribe of 70,000 euros from construction contractor Alexander Vaklin.

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