Tuesday , October 19 2021

Is it Covid? The antique exploded, thousands admired Lily Ivanova


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A big concert of Lily Ivanova gathered thousands in Plovdiv, she saw Plovdiv24.bgΕ The capital of the Bulgarian scene raised his fans to their feet, who had presented to the last point the Ancient Theater in the city under the hills.

“Good evening, Plovdiv”, wrote the singer of “Winds” on her personal profile on social networks. The edition was completed by three hearts, showing Ivanova’s love for her large audience.

“An amazing experience, I wanted to be at your concert for many years and tonight this dream came true for me. Be amazing, thank you with all my heart and soul for what I felt. That is admiration and bowing, deep bowing to you You are irreplaceable, I hug you and thank you “

– “Unique! Unique concert!” Plovdiv is Plovdiv! “

“Thank you, Lily! An amazing experience! Be blessed!”

These are just a few of the comments below the photo posted on Facebook by Lili Ivanova.

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