Friday , October 22 2021

Injustice! They launch a dearly disciplined employee of the Botanical Gardens – BLITZ


They dismiss a disciplined, deaf, employee of the Botanical Garden in Balchik. For almost 20 years, she has taken care of the famous cactus collection. The case has hit the social networks and there is a reference to Galin's defense, Nova TV said.

Galin is deaf, lives with his brother in the small apartment of his parents and the meaning of his life is the flowers.

"I love the cacti, it's my life, I know everything about it – when they need to be watered when they sleep, when they should not touch them," explained Galin Rancov.

Almost 20 years of his life he has been a gardener – initially in Varna, then in the Botanical Garden of Balchik. Although he is not a university graduate, Galin has publications in the foreign scientific press.

"I did a fairly stable record of cactus exported from the Botanical Garden two years ago," he said.

Also, two years ago, the Sofia University leadership dismissed almost all the staff of the Botanical Garden, headed by its manager. Since then, Galin's misfortunes have begun with his new immediate superiors and colleagues. They blame them for cacti killing, the imposition of certain disciplined penalties, the burden of a weak job.

"They began to write their duties, here one of the tasks that plans to plant 150 pots of cacti for the day, which is impossible," said Radoslav Radkov, his brother Galin.

Ilianos has known Galin for 8 years. It connects their hobbies to the cultivation of cactuses. During the summer, their two and their foreign friends decided to visit the Botanical Garden but did not allow them because of Gillin's presence.

"We were amazed, people came from Belgium – a very difficult time, a lot of money, which was a very unpleasant shock for us, I recorded it with my phone," says Ilian Stoyanov.

On Nov. 7, Galin shares his work. The reason – a natural conflict with a colleague. Man claims the case has been disciplined. The Sofia University declined direct contact with our team. In a written response, they stated that they did not agree to replace a job dispute with arguments to offend a disadvantaged individual. They added that Galin was punished several times, but did not appeal. The redundant botanist confirmed that this had happened, but was justified by his legal incompetence. However, he is determined to resort to disciplinary dismissal in court, which receives support from representatives of various organizations and citizens.

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