Hem Gay, a black man, is launched from a series – Blitz


A dark gay actor was convicted to attack himself to gain career advantages.

Jerry Smolet, the actor of the television series "Empire," was arrested for allegedly falsifying an attack. He was detained by the Chicago police on suspicion of having made a false complaint.

The editors of the series have announced that they remove the character of the actress from the last two series.

"Jussi has been an important member of our team for the past five years and is not deeply indifferent to us." The allegations against him are deeply concerned, but we believe in our judiciary, "the authors of the film said.

The actor plays Jamal's role in the musical series.

Earlier, the homosexual actor said he was hit by two people for the hatred of homosexuals and African Americans. For a false statement, he faces up to three years of imprisonment.

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