Wednesday , April 14 2021

Great news for native swimming after the big scandal

Great news about indigenous swimming came from the United States. After the big scandal with our three athletes accused of doping, our best swimmer Anthony Ivanov showed that he is in good condition and continues to break records.

Our star participated in the Atlantic Conference championship in the USA and improved two relay discs.

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In the chest of 200 yards, Anthony, along with Blake Manoff, Carles Cole Marty and Thomas Hallock, broke the Virginia Tech University record with a time of 1: 23.91 minutes. With that, they finished in fourth place. In the freestyle of the 800 yards, Ivanov, Manoff, Cole Marty and Samuel Thornquist won the silver medals with 6: 14.04 minutes, which is also a record.

At 50 meters, Anthony’s butterfly flew in 20.1 seconds, the fastest in the university’s history. In all 200 yards, Ivanov stopped the timers at 1,32.6 minutes.

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