Tuesday , March 9 2021

A big scandal is formed in Bulgaria and Europe with Berbatov for circumvention of the law – ᐉ Sports news today and from the last hour

A very big scandal could take place not only in Bulgaria, but also in Europe because of Dimitar Berbatov, BLIC reports. The veteran wants to do an internship at Ether to take an important step towards obtaining the Pro license he desires.

For this purpose it takes two years of internship as an assistant coach. That is why a few days ago the “violet” coach Alexander Tomasz announced that Berbo will join his team to help the attackers.

So far, however, Dimitar has not appeared at the Etar camp in the village of Stara Zagora in Yagoda. Berbatov asked the management of the Tarnovo club directly to issue a note that he had an internship there. This is scandalous and contrary to the football laws in Bulgaria and the FIFA laws.

“In order for Berbatov to receive this note, he has to do many things. First, signing a contract with Ether to officially become an assistant coach. Second, this contract and this note must be certified by the BFU. Most importantly – he has to show up at work and be a member of Tomasz’s team, otherwise a big scandal will break out. “But Berbatov is another name. If the scandal breaks out, it will spread to England and the whole of Europe. FIFA will react more than abruptly.”

They added that Dimitar’s goal is to return to England one day and start working as a coach for him at his favorite Manchester United, for her in another local team. To do this, Berbatov needs a Pro license.

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