Tuesday , March 2 2021

Uncensored, U20 team Colombia friendly

The Brazilian U-20 team did not show that "the joy on their feet" in preparation for the South American class on Tuesday. In a friendly at Estádio Olímpico in Goiânia, Carlos Amadeu's team still opened the score but had no organization, saw Colombia better for most of the fight, took the turn and eventually sought the 2-2 draw in the match. Amarelinha's goals were marked by Lincoln and Mathues Cunha. On the other hand, Angulo and Tolosa threw their nets.

The game played between Brazil and Colombia ends tied for 2 to 2 in Goiânia (Photo: Play)

The game played between Brazil and Colombia ends tied for 2 to 2 in Goiânia (Photo: Play)

Photo: LANCE!

Now, the choices are back in January, from South America, which is valid for the U-20 World Cup, which will be held in Poland.

Under heavy rain
The rain did not give a moment's respite to Goya. But even so, Brazil began to call the game for themselves. Brazil's first good attack, Linconl tried to clear the finals, but was disarmed by the Colombian defense.

Sophisticated animos
Even in friendly, the options showed match and will to guarantee victory. In this way, Vinicius Júnior and Palacios were surprised and the referee had to contain both players. Halter then shone on the defense, he faced badly and Goez threw a bomb outside the area. The ball got the color from the beam!

Its funny!
On a cross from the right, the striker Flamengo Lincoln dominated the box and won the hat. The Colombian defender still tried to cut but was stuck and the young man pushed only to the bottom of the nets to open the scoreboard.

Hello boy!
Colombia's biggest lead was Iván Angulo. The player already had chances and goals to try and the ball to enter. With 43 seconds, he threw the ball through the three players,

Short-term Brazilian
Upon returning to the second stage, Brazil returned, but without the same momentum of the first half, even having the opportunity to swing the networks. Colombia reached more danger and explored counter-attacks. With this, the shooting was about to happen in 18 minutes, with Tolosa, who received from the 7 Angulo shirt.

After undergoing the goal, the Brazilian team struggled with the limitations without building the toys and getting involved in the goal of Colombia. The opponents, in turn, implemented a well-defined game strategy and ruled the game.

In the last breath!
Even without an organization, the Brazilian Under-20 team reached the goal of a tie at the end of the conflict. After 44 minutes Matheus Cunha had a good opportunity to convert on a counterattack after 38 minutes, but the ball went wide.


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