Friday , May 14 2021

The taboo, Sao Paulo tests the negative balance in the classics of the year

São Paulo will not only try to break a taboo ever to hit the Corinthians in Itacquara but also to end the year in a competitive advantage over the opponent. So far, there have been two wins for each side. The match for the 32nd round of the Brazilian tournament starts at 17:00.

In Paulista, the winners won twice, including the semifinals, 1-0, which led to the penalty shootout. Deu Corinthians (5 to 4). See all games:

27/1 – Corinthians 2 x 1 – Paulistão (first phase)

25/3 – Sao Paulo 1 x 0 Corinthians – Paulist (semi-final)

28/3 – Corinthians 1 (5) x (4) 0 Sao Paulo – Paulist (semi-final)

21/7 – Sao Paulo 3 x 1 Corinthians – Brasileiro (1st round)

The trillion equilibrium of the classic of the year, by the way, is negative. Adding fights against the Corinthians, Palmeira and Santos, there were ten games: Sao Paolo won three, pulled one and lost six. Against Palmeiras, the team lost the three fights. In front of the Saints, there was a victory for each side plus a draw. In addition to the aforementioned duels against the Corinthians.

In the case of Arena Corinthians, in particular, the stage of the game this Saturday, the performance is awesome: two draws and six defeats. "Each game sets a story and is different," said Juicyli, who was responsible for the game, saying: "I think it's going to be a tough game, but we have our target and we will fight for it, who has already played on the opponent.

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