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The Seventh Guardian: Valentina orders to kill her own son

Seventh Depositary: Valentina Commands to Kill Her Own Son - Press Release / Seventh Guardian / TV Globo / João Cotta

In the Seventh Gender, Rede Globo's novel, Marlena was a young woman full of dreams living in the quiet town of Serro Azul.

He was married to Egídio (Antonio Calloni) but was abandoned at the altar.

So, with a lot of evil, he leaves the city and promises never to return. In Sao Paulo, Marlene starts selling door-to-door cosmetics until she becomes a wealthy businessman and changes her name to Valentina (Lilia Cabral).

Madame is looking forward to marrying her son Gabriella (Bruno Gagliasso) with Laura (Yanna Lavigne), as this marriage relationship can make her even more money.

According to Revista Guia da TV, on the day of the ceremony the young man stands face to face with the cat León, leaves the bride to the church and goes in the direction of Serro Azul.

On the road, he suffers a serious accident between life and death. One of the Valentine's henchmen who followed Gabriel calls the mistress who orders him to bury it there.

Marina Ruy Barbosa also finds Leon, who takes him to Gabriel. The girl realizes she is alive when she sees him moving his fingers.

The red head saves him from death and thus a pure and true love is born between the two.

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