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The government is urban – 11/11/2018 – Janio de Freitas

The future of uncertainties and fears with the Bolsonaro government is strictly dependent on one dominant factor over all others. And it is absent from current perceptions, because there is still a lack of incentives that make it perceived.

In all possible circumstances not acceptable by the majority with the outline of such a government, other powers and legislation have several remedies. Their implementation, however, is not only followed if they exist.

Political orders and interests represented in the legislative and judiciary are combined as a decisive force. But not in the case of Bolsonaro.

If things go wrong, the important thing to predict their course will be to find out how much a military will be willing to make a protection barrier in Bolsonaro. What will depend on the identity or confusion between the army and the government under the leadership of the former conquistadors of their armies.

The project to create this recognition comes from the campaign, to which it has made a significant contribution. However, its heightened criminality goes beyond the insufficient dimensions.
Playing the Army's hymn, for example, in the lobby of the hotel where the Bolsonaro Circle meets is abusive.

Unless the reverse is found, if this happens, the government will be a political force. Even the retired generals who go to the administrative ministries will be in political positions, with no lawyer and politician at any other ministry.

And with forced recognition, what the army wins does not match the country or the country: it is the danger of being identified with possible failures of Bolsonaro and his government.

In addition, there is a contradiction that includes all the ways of investigating the military image that is now being used and the first steps of Bolsonaro in political life. If you appreciate the Army so much, why did not you act to be well accepted in it? Referring several times in the last few days, Geisel's phrase is rigorous: "Bolsonaro is a military evil." Unwanted from the disorder and non-existence, it was caused and led to reform.

Recognition is sought, partly achieved, but it is neither authentic nor legitimate.

The besieged

The testimonies of Emilio and Marcelo Odebrecht, father and son, in the middle of the week, had face and crown. Both said that prior to the improvements in Atibaia, there was no donation to Lula as a person. In this way, they confirmed it. But they also stated that it was a "personal thing", with nothing, by punishing contracts in Petrobras.
In this way, they reverse the thesis of Sergio Moro.

The criterion

Senator Blaro Maggi gave the message of a bad reaction to the agricultural industry, extended to unfold, to Bolsonaro's hostility in the Arab countries, with the change of Brazil's embassy in Israel to mimic the Trab. As a means of remediating the reaction, it was decided to select, for the Ministry of Agriculture, one who is associated with the peasants.

The wife of Tereza Cristina came. With insufficient impact from critics on deforestation, defenders of indigenous peoples and stocks and worrying about the widespread use of agrotoxins in agriculture.

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