Sunday , March 7 2021

Suspect to kill his former wife in Rio flows from victim's relatives | New Orleans, Louisiana hotels

Vancouver was arrested by relatives of the victim who arrived at the island of the young woman. They chased him, they captured him and called the police. Prison information was corroborated by the homicide office (DH). In the second (19), justice had ordered a temporary arrest.

According to the relatives who attended the crime, he tried to escape the car's place but lost the direction and came to invade a bit of BRT. Then Vanselio left with his feet and left behind his cell phone. A Fernanda aunt said she attacked her niece.

"He started to drink, from nowhere and went in. He said," My God, got a bad face when I went to look, so it was so fast. "She ran, I went with her, then it was full of blood, she hugged me and started to faint, we put her in the chair, I was full of blood, I stayed with her," said Jane de Souza.

Fernanda Siqueira's body is covered this morning at Jardim da Saudade, in Sulacap, in the western zone of Rio.

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