Saturday , July 24 2021

SUS ICU-covid profession in cities exceeds 100%

Cities in the Araçatuba (SP) region are collapsing with the ICU-covid bed occupancy rate in the public system over 100%. The data comes from an internal document in which Twitter had exclusive access and shows the sensitive situation faced by municipalities in the northwestern part of the state of Sao Paulo.

The data show that the ownership of ICU-covid beds in the public network of the Araçatuba Regional Health Directorate is 111.8%, according to a spreadsheet currently distributed by address (3) to a WhatsApp team with plank health managers .

In total, SUS in the area has 93 beds for ICU patients, but 104 beds are occupied. The explanation, according to the Minister of Health of a municipality, who asked not to be identified, is overpopulation. “Several hospitals are improvising spaces to meet demand,” he said in an interview with Twitter.

Hospitals are improvising new jobs

This is exactly what the data show. Santa Casa de Penápolis, for example, currently has 10 ICU-covid beds paid for by SUS, but there are 14 patients admitted there. The same is true of Birigui, which serves 15 patients where there should be only 10. “We have still adapted examination space to meet the demand, but it is difficult,” he added.

However, anyone who believes that the profession is at this level is wrong only because critically ill patients are transferred to the ICU and do not stay in the doctor’s office, as they are also full of 91.7% employment. This means that out of the 288 hospital beds agreed by SUS for the Araçatuba area, 264 are employed.

But the case of some municipalities is desperate, as in Pereira Barreto (SP). The city of 25,000, which has had 24 deaths since the start of the pandemic, saw the number jump with four more deaths in a single day yesterday (2) – one, including a City Hall director who had to stay on the line because he There was no vacancy in the public network to guarantee him an ICU.

The profession is also high in nursing positions

Despite the deaths, no hospital in the city provided vacancies in ICUs-covid. The city has only 10 doctor’s beds, but has 25 inpatients, occupying 250%.

The Araçatuba Regional Health Directorate divides the wards into three areas, called CIRs. Consórcios, which has five cities, has the lowest occupation, at 81.2%, while Central, with the same number of cities, sees the index reach 86.4%. The worst situation is in CIR Lagos, with seven cities and eight hospitals, with 109.4% occupancy.

Plenty of private beds

While there are patients placed in corridors at SUS hospitals in the Araçatuba area, beds remain on the private network. The same internal document shows that the private hospitals in the area are far from collapsing.

The capacity of ICU-covid beds is 74.5%, ie, out of the 55 available beds, 41 are occupied. Only in Araçatuba and Birigui are there private hospitals treating covid-19 in the area and all vacancies are in Unimed Araçatuba Hospital.

The condition of the private room is even better, with 58.4% of the beds occupied. There are currently 32 vacancies in the private network for covid-19 patients for clinics in private hospitals, while there is no space in the public network.

The scenario was worse, the document shows

If the collapse of the public network is frightening, the table document shows that the worst could happen in the Araçatuba area. This is due to the fact that, in the first three days of April, there was a decrease in the number of occupied beds in both the doctor’s office and the public network.

While April started with 341 patients admitted to the ward, today the number has dropped to 309, a drop of 10%. In ICU-covid, the reduction was smaller, 5%, jumping from 152 occupied beds on the 1st to 145 today.

What the Sao Paulo government says

In a note, the Sao Paulo state government states that the state and municipalities “remain committed to providing adequate and timely care to patients in the 645 SP cities, in addition to efforts to expand the health network.” The state government is urging the entire population to work together to prevent more cases, hospitalization and deaths. “Keeping your distance and staying at home is essential at the moment, respecting the emergency phase of the Sao Paulo Plan, which has been extended until April 11.”

The government also said that in March, the Ministry of Health launched new field hospitals in several areas, including Araçatuba, which now has service at AME Andradina. “10 ICUs and 10 surgeries are gradually moving into the unit. In addition, the portfolio has expanded its coronavirus capacity at Mirandópolis State Hospital by activating an additional 10 ICU beds and 10 surgeries. The unit now operates with 44 beds for critically ill patients. “19 patients, including 18 ICU beds, are temporarily employed. Demand in the sectors varies throughout the day due to factors such as rejections or deaths, for example.”

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