Monday , March 1 2021

SMS gathers instruments to discuss the flow of penicillin in the treatment of syphilis in Primary Care

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The Municipal Health Registry (SMS) has assembled various services to discuss the penicillin penetration for syphilis treatment in the Family Health Units (USF) in João Pessoa. Representatives of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), the Ministry of Public Health (MPE), the Regional Medical Council (CRM), the Coren District Board, the Regional Pharmaceutical Council and the State Health Secretariat attended the meeting.

The measure of penicillin application in Family Health Units was determined by the institutions at the meeting held earlier this month. Currently, the SMS offers penicillin for the treatment of syphilis in UPA, the Polyclinic of Christ and the Candida Vargas Institute for pregnant women.

According to Deputy Health Minister Ana Giovana Medeiros, it was decided between the institutions during the meeting that adjustments should be made before the new flow of care is established. "We have dedicated ourselves to a joint working group over the last few days, looking for the best way to expand the service." We present how the assistance, procurement and conception of users will contribute to the rapid testing of syphilis, "he said.

Action and capacity building – Prior to applying treatment to Family Health Units, Primary Care Professionals will be subjected to Grading Grades of the Municipality for penicillin administration in syphilis cases. In addition, an action aimed at clarifying the population about the disease is scheduled for December 8th in the Parque da Lagoa.

Syphilis – It is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that can present various clinical manifestations and different stages. It can be transmitted through unprotected intercourse with an infected person or the child during pregnancy or birth (congenital syphilis), so that proper and regular use of the condom is the most important measure of disease prevention.

Monitoring pregnant woman and her partner during prenatal care contributes to controlling syngeneic syphilis. To detect the disease, Family Health Units and SAE / KTA perform the rapid test, resulting in 30 minutes.

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