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The Enem (National High School Examination) begins on Sunday (4) and more than 5.5 million candidates participate in language, humanities, and dread writing. Natural science and mathematical tests will only be on Sunday (11). On the first day of the test, the students have to solve the 90 questions and the essay by 5:30.

So it's important to be calm and organized for the big day. Take things easy, get a good night's sleep, and plan to get up early. You can read the website of Inep (National Research and Education Research Institute Anísio Teixeira).

Candidates can report false news

To help you, a R7 Separated seven valuable tips that only concern questions of proof:

First of all, separate the documents. You will need to submit an official photographic document and a registration card on the Inep website to provide proof of location.

Do not waste your time and do not become a monster! The opening, closing and opening of the gates includes four different schedules this summer due to summer time. The peak, regardless of whether you are in the region, is to be at least 1 hour before the start of the tournament, so you have time to find your room, go to the bathroom and be ready to reassure the tournament.

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What can you do and can not drive? This is a very common issue among students, and a black ballpoint pen and a transparent tube are sufficient for proof. Ah! You can also eat a snack so that you can solve many problems for hours.

Watch out, you can not get the following objects: rubber, non-transparent pen, corrective devices, headphones, or pictures, videos and messages, printed papers and notes, pencils, pencils, books, and manuals for any type of transmitter, recorder or receiver.

Students develop strategies for ENEM

It's a very important tip to rest. Sleep is very important to be able to organize your ideas and answers during test tension. Lack of good night sleep may disrupt the result and take your concentration, do not let this happen.

Lack of sleep may also affect anxiety and nervousness, creating techniques that alleviate these tensions. The regulation of breathing can be a very useful tool for anxiety and nervousness, so that you do not consume energy. Positive Thinking is another tip that helps you relax and test with more attention and rest.

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Do not forget the TRI (Layout Theory). Enem does not matter how many hits will be, but what's up. If you are faced with more complicated and less easy issues, the TRI believes that their performance is controversial, as if they were "kicking" the answers, an occasional hit.

This degree will be lower than the candidate who is easier and not complicated. So the questions we are sure about and saving time, the harder it will be to finish the race, will not forget to answer them.

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Attention! On the first day of the test, applicants will have to resolve the Language, Humanities, Writing 90 questions by 5:30 and still have to complete the answer sheet. Many students do not take the time to fill this card, but do not forget because it takes a long time. If you get a question, do not waste your time, do not miss it and come back later.

Keep these tips in mind to make the highest possible value and put your strategy to face Enem's first day. Good proof!

* Trainee R7, under the supervision of Ingrid Alfaya


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