Friday , March 5 2021

Sertanio says the madman with a photo of his son flew over "The Farm" – 11/20/2018

In the afternoon of Tuesday (20), Felipe Sertareno made a strange revelation to João Zoli in the headquarters room. According to the fighter, a dragon with his son's photo flew over thirteen weeks.

The pawn had not commented on the subject in front of the cameras and seemed to leave John quite surprised. "It's been a couple of weeks since Léo and Luane phoned me out and said they saw a whistle with Theo's image flying over his head. They looked like pictures of two kids, but then they said it was Theo. far away, but it looks like, "said the fighter.

Sertanejo also said that the picture did not do well for his psychological: "After that, I spent a few days without being able to sleep straight.It did not do me good. I did not know if it was Theo's photo or someone else, I thought for this without interruption. "

Zoli seemed to hesitate and dismiss, "But did not you dream about it?" Felipe laughed and replied: "No, I swear he was here in the Farm itself. You can ask Leo, who has invited me to see it. " After commenting, 24-hour broadcast cameras focused on animals in the outdoor area of ​​the home.

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